American Bobby Fischer -- the undefeated World Chess Champion (and considered the greatest player who ever lived) -- was arrested and thrown into prison for playing chess in Yugoslavia.

Now Yugoslavian Novak Djokovic -- on the cusp of becoming the World Tennis Champion (and the greatest player who ever lived) -- was arrested and thrown into prison for playing tennis in Australia.

I've been following the career of Djokovic ever since getting hooked on watching Grand Slam tennis -- and he's the reason I'm a tennis fan.

Fischer and Djokovic are monumental talents and heroes for more reasons than the games they play -- they're heroes because they are role models for we the people -- they are role models for their courage and strength in defending freedom against slavery.

On ORWELL TODAY, over the years, I've written many articles about Bobby Fischer (and have more in the works) because when describing what happened to Winston Smith, in 1984, Orwell was also describing what happened to Bobby Fischer in the future. Winston and Bobby were fighting -- on the side of good -- the battle against evil -- the battle against BIG BROTHER.

Now, since BIG BROTHER'S scamdemic COVID war began against us in March 2020, the world has a new hero -- Novak Djokovic -- standing up against tyranny -- defending his mind, body and soul -- and by extension all of us - by refusing their diabolical vaccine.

I posted a story about Djokovic's stand against mandatory vaccination when it first happened almost two years ago:

(freedom of assembly not only liberty lost)
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World tennis champ will refuse COVID vaccine
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RFK-Jr exposes Gates' vaccine dictatorship plan
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RFK/JFK Apr 12, 2020

Now Djokovic's in the biggest battle of his life -- both on and off the tennis court -- in the battle of life and death for our freedom.

Thank God Djokovic has a defender in the person of the world's greatest vaccine-refuser -- Robert F Kennedy Jr -- in an article published in his on-line magazine THE DEFENDER. RFKjr is carrying the torch of truth and freedom for his uncle JFK and his father RFK and for Djokovic.

All the best,
Jackie Jura, January 2022

What Djokovic's Battle to Compete in Australian Open Means for the Health Freedom Movement
by Madhava Setty, MD, The Defender, January 10, 2022

Professional tennis player and World #1 Novak Djokovic today was released from detention after winning his court battle to remain in Australia despite being unvaccinated for COVID-19. Prior to his arrival Down Under, Djokovic received a medical exemption from Tennis Australia, the organization responsible for managing the tennis event. However, in court today, government lawyers warned that Australia's immigration minister could still cancel Djokovic's visa, which would lead to an automatic three-year ban on his entering the country, The New York Times reported. Djokovic's release today is the latest twist in the ongoing standoff between the tennis star and Australian authorities over his eligibility to enter their country...

...There is also mounting evidence that athletes are experiencing a rash of serious cardiac and respiratory problems during competition. The Expose reported a 278% increase in cardiac deaths among soccer players in 2021, compared to the previous 12-year average.

Individual reports are difficult to validate as the details continue to be suppressed or unreported. However because sports leagues often require vaccination to participate, and their athletes are regularly tested for COVID-19, it stands to reason that if there were an increased incidence of serious cardiac and respiratory events it would be more likely due to vaccination, not COVID-19.

Djokovic admitted he is not an expert in vaccine science but believes vaccination may not be the wisest measure and that the decision should be made freely by the individual and not an authority.

He voiced this position as early as April 2020, when COVID vaccinations were just a potential pandemic solution held by the most optimistic. His opinion is more centered in bodily autonomy and medical privacy.

Whether intentionally or not, Djokovic is serving as an inspiration to health freedom advocates around the world. Could this be the reason why PM Morrison maintains his stance in contradiction to Tennis Australia and the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation?

Though media sources may portray the Australian Open's defending champion as an elite celebrity who believes he is above the rules, Djokovic has not veered from his long-held convictions around personal choice regarding his health.

He has met the tournament's conditions for a medical exemption, one that is based on current medical evidence. He has so far held his ground and in doing so places increased scrutiny on the legitimacy of the country's policy concerning public health.

Returning champions are usually treated with dignity and appreciation. Australia, once known for its easygoing attitude and respect for sports figures, has morphed into a totalitarian state.

Djokovic outmaneuvered his opponent in Scott Morrison into a no-win situation. If the Serbian star is allowed to remain in the country to compete, Morrison will be acknowledging that his country's [Australia's] public health policies from the start have been nonsensical in their lack of nuance.

If Djokovic is expelled, he will have secured something more important than a 10th Australian Open and 21st Grand Slam title -- he will have won the hearts and minds of millions around the world who have been protesting the violations of their basic rights including medical privacy and health freedom.

Ironically, Novak Djokovic may end up achieving GOAT status through his mettle and determination off the court.

~ end quoting from The Defender, RFKjr website ~

PS - Another world class athlete -- considered by many to be football's most valuable MVP -- was dragged through the mud by the media and masses then burned at the stake, like Djokovic, for refusing the COVID vaccine injection.

RidgersBodyAutonomy VaxStatusAgainst

watch Aaron Rodgers Reflects On His Year On & Off The Field listen

In his post-season interview -- after his Green Bay Packers team lost the opportunity to go to the SuperBowl -- Aaron Rodgers explains the inalienable right to make decisions about your body. And... if you speed ahead to the 50-minute mark of the interview you can hear AR12 recommending his book-club selection for this week -- 1984 by George Orwell. Rodgers says "...In Orwell's 1984 there are some striking similarities to the world we are living in today..." ~jj

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Novak's human rights violated - treated like criminal
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Novak inspiration to health freedom advocates around world
RFKjr Defender, Jan 12, 2022
2.Big Brother

Serbs dismayed Djokovic's visa again revoked in Australia, AP, Jan 14, 2022
...Djokovic's former coach and mentor, Niki Pilic, described the situation as "shameful" and said Djokovic was being treated like a "criminal". "People do not understand what it means to be a world champion, what kind of strength, will and morale is needed", Pilic said. "It's not the end of the world if he doesn't play the Australian Open -- he will play at other tournaments". Nebojsa Covic, a former politician and now the owner of the Red Star Belgrade basketball club, said the controversy has made Djokovic "a symbol of the free world" no matter what happens. "He is a global star, a beacon of free men. Basic human rights are being violated", Covic told Prva TV. "Djokovic is the moral winner of the tournament in Australia".

watch Oz Nick Kyrgios comes out in support of world #1 Djokovic, Interview, YouTube, Jan 10, 2022
Six-time ATP champion Nick Kyrgios said he feels "quite embarassed as an Australian athlete" after what has been done to world #1 Novak Djokovic... "It's not humane what they're doing"... After landing in Australia, Djokovic's visa was cancelled by the Australian Border Force.... "During the bushfires, Djokovic was supporting, he was helping us out. We are so quick to forget and media are so quick to jump on things and forget he actually helped us. He didn't have to do that, most athletes wouldn't do that. They are selfish, most athletes are..."


FischerSpasskyYugoslavia Bobby Fischer plays Boris Spassky in a "Revenge Match of the 20th Century" during the World Chess Championship in Yugoslavia in 1992

ChessYugoslavia Chess in Yugoslavia: "Well, you know, in America everybody is interested in making the dollar fast. In Yugoslavia no matter how much you hustle you're not going to get rich,
so you might as well play chess" ~ Bobby Fischer, 18-year-old United States chess champion, January 18, 1962

DjokovicTennis The Soviet Collusion Against Bobby Fischer

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COVID MASK & VAX OF THE BEAST ...And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to wear a mark (mask) on their face below their foreheads: (to inject a vax into their arm below the shoulder). And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark (mask) (vax)...

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