One of BIG BROTHER'S little brothers, the WHO (World unHealth Organization), is all over the news today, December 31st, 2003. This time it's about MAD COW. It reminds me of the WHO'S SARS SONG poem I wrote when SARS was in the news, which applies just as well to MAD COW.

MAD COW disease was originally staged in England back in the 90s. The behind-the-scenes manipulators are hoping it will be a big hit and go a long way toward destroying North America's economy and natural food supply. Coming Attractions will see factory farmers and genetic engineers stepping on stage for Sold Out performances. ~ Jackie Jura

Cattleman insists U.S. isn't at risk for Mad Cow disease
by William Johnson, Daily World, December 31, 2003

Daniel Lyons wants people to know that beef is safe. "There is no risk, especially here," said Lyons of the current Mad Cow disease scare. "This is getting blown all out of proportion. This is not a human health issue," said Lyons, past president of the both the St. Landry Parish and state cattleman's associations.

Mad cow disease, or bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), is a fatal disease that destroys the brains of infected cattle. Humans can contract a form of the disease known as Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease by eating tissue from the brains, spinal cords or central nervous systems of infected animals.

Lyons of Church Point is eager to calm local fears. "We don't eat that in the United States. Those items aren't in our food chain," Lyons said of cattle brains, spinal cords or central nervous system tissue. He is also eager for people to understand that while a cow with BSE was discovered last week in Washington state, it wasn't an American cow. "That cow came from Canada. There has never been a diseased cow grown in the United States," Lyons said. Despite such assurances, just the fear of BSE, which killed more than 100 people in Europe a decade ago, is causing many people to shy away from buying American beef.

So far more than two dozen countries have banned American beef imports, bringing the $3.2 billion U.S. beef export business to a halt. U.S. livestock markets are also seeing the signs of a panic, with cattle futures at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange closing sharply lower Tuesday, their fourth straight day of steep losses. Prices have lost about 10 percent since the USDA's mad cow announcement last Tuesday.

Lyons is hoping common sense will kick in soon. Especially before the cattle auction barns reopen for business on Jan. 6...

Mad cow case confirmed in Canada (import bans on Canadian cattle in place since 2003 outbreak). CBC, May 3, 2007. Go to JAMES BOND FOOT & MOUTH & WHERE'S THE BEEF GONNA GO?

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Thousands of Britons may carry Mad Cow (90% of cases would remain "sub-clinical" & never develop into illness). Scotsman, Jan 12, 2005

Latest Candadian Mad Cow no threat (no chance of contaminating food chain)., Jan 12, 2005

Mad Cow may lengthen beef ban to USA (19-month ban cost Canadian beef industry more than $5 billion). TorontoStar, Jan 12, 2005


USA cattlemen say Mad Cow is no risk (hope common sense kicks in soon). Daily World, Dec 31, 2003 & Canada doesn't use contaminated feed. AP My Way, Dec 31, 2003
Top exec of Canadian rendering plant denied his company was source of a USA case of mad cow disease, saying his business adheres to strict guidelines. "You have to have a case of BSE to infect the cow in the first place...You have to have something infected in order to have infected material".

Mad Cow case in Canada (USA immediately bans imports which total $2.5-billion/yr)., May 20, 2003

Mad Cow Disease now in Japan (it devastated cattle farmers in Europe). Toronto Star, Aug 23, 2002

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