KY-O-TO means Kill C-O-2
~ Jackie Jura

Never has the expression "junk science" been more appropriate than in describing the fraud of the Kyoto Protocol (hatcher of the unscientifically proven "global warming" theory) named after the city in Japan where the "globalists" (those who aspire to global government) got the leaders of Western World governments to "sign on".

Kyoto is a toxic poison to our economy and way of life because it punishes the Free World's good behaviour - prosperity and clean industry - and rewards the Communist World's bad behaviour - slavery and dirty industry. Red China is exempt from "signing-on" to the Kyoto Protocol even though it and Russia are the main polluters of the planet.

Kyoto promoters say the Western World is emitting Carbon Dioxide - the life-essential C02 - into the earth's atmosphere through human activity - such as breathing, raising animals, having industries and driving automobiles - and thereby creating "greenhouse gases" which are causing "a hole in the ozone layer" above the North Pole.

To reduce the Western World breathing out CO2 - what they call a "greenhouse gas emission" - through its human activities, these activities will henceforth be strictly curtailed by the Kyoto Protocol. Automobiles and industries will be regulated out of existence and all such activity will be carried out only in the Communist bloc - like China and Russia - where human deprivation and industrial pollution make massive money for the global elites. The Western World's prosperity will be destroyed and the Eastern World's slavery will be increased. Ipso facto, the Western World will stop breathing - because it will be economically dead - and abracadabra (so goes the theory) no more "greenhouse gases" and no more "global warming" and no more "hole in the ozone".

Lately, the pounders of the "global warming" drum - including movie stars and billionaire so-called "philanthropists" - have been referring less to "the hole in the ozone" and more to "climate change".

They're saying all the hurricanes, tidal waves, earthquakes, droughts, floods, record-breaking ice and snowfall all over the world is being caused by we in the Western World breathing out too much "hot air" (carbon dioxide), causing "global warming" which in turn causes "climate change".

In reality "climate change" means "weather control" and it's THEM controlling the weather. According to Orwell they have scientists who are "indefatigably at work focusing the sun's rays through lenses suspended thousands of kilometers away in space, or producing artificial earthquakes and tidal waves by tapping the heat at the earth's centre."

If these Big Brother Greenhouse Globalists (United Nations adherents) aren't stopped from their assault on our economy and way of life - through their Kyoto (means CO2) Protocol - we in the Western World will be aiding and abetting our own destruction. Kyoto's letters stand for: "Kill your own tomorrows." ~ Jackie Jura

Greenpeace Recycles JFK for Campaign. Ad Week, Nov 4, 2008
NEW YORK - Digitally altered footage of everyone from Fred Astaire to Steve McQueen has been exhumed for TV commercials. Now the controversial environmental group Greenpeace is taking it a step further by featuring John F. Kennedy in its new digital ad campaign. As part of its "Energy [R]evolution" push, one of the 35th presidents' most famous speeches is altered to deliver a message about the dangers of global warming. It says: "When man first walked upon the moon it defined a generation. As this new millennium dawns we face a greater challenge. Climate change threatens our very existence." Launched last week, the spot has been viewed 60,000 times on YouTube. It is also available at "This is a slow burner. We haven't kicked up our seeding or promotion yet," said Rikki Khanna, director for strategy at AKQA, Amsterdam, which created the spot. "[Using JFK] is sensitive. We are aware of that. [But], we actually believe this is something he would have said." Greenpeace hopes the issue of whether JFK would have agreed with its stance will spark debate. The ad is an easy target, said Simon Sinek, president of Sinek Partners, New York. "It will be polarizing depending on your opinion of Greenpeace. People who like them will think this is great. If people don't like them, they will think this going too far." Overall, Sinek said it did not sound like a speech Kennedy would have delivered. "The words sound more like a Greenpeace ad. The term 'Energy [R]evolution' is not something I think Kennedy would have said. His 'ask not what your country can do for you' and 'man on the moon' speeches were all about coming together to achieve something. The Greenpeace ad missed that language."..... Go to LENIN BEHIND ENVIRONMENTALISM & ENVIRONMENTALISM IS ANIMALISM IS COMMUNISM

OBAMA WILL BANKRUPT COAL INDUSTRY (if somebody builds coal-powered plant they're going to be charged huge sum) & Palin attacks Obama over coal (he's comfortable with industry bankruptcy). YouTube/CBS, Nov 2, 2008. Go to PENNSYLVANIA COAL WIGAN PIER & 9.Keeping Masses Down (economy allowed to stagnate) & MINE SARAH BABY MINE

Lights out for global warming 'Earth Hour' ('citizens care about climate change') & Branson & climate-change friends conclave (a lot of money riding on global warming) & Global-warming Gore the planet PR agent (says skeptics are flat-earthers who think moon landing never really happened). BBC/IHT/CBS, Mar 28, 2008 Go to F*CK OFF LIGHT BULBS & CLIMATE-CHANGE EVIL-DOERS & WHOLE WORLD IN THEIR HANDS? & INCONVENIENT TRUTH A LIE & SCHOOLS CONVENIENTLY LIED TO & CLIMATE-CHANGE DENIER CREED & ROYALLY MAD CLIMATE-CHANGE & CLIMATE-CHANGE CARBON RACKET & CLIMATE-CHANGE CORRUPT

China dust storm hits S.Korea & Japan (carrying toxins from industrial zones). BBC, Mar 4, 2008


China controlling weather for Olympics (stop rain for opening ceremonies; start rain to clear pollution). CanadianPress, Mar 4, 2008

West will pay for complicity with China (we must boycott Olympics, stop outsourcing manufacturing & refuse to purchase Chinese goods). UK Herald, Mar 4, 2008

China's polluting coal plants surging (building dozens every year). HeraldTrib, Jul 26, 2007. Go to PENNSYLVANIA IS WIGAN PIER & RUSSIAN COAL TO NEWCASTLE


Huge Dust Plumes From China Cause Changes in Climate. WallStJournal, Jul 23, 2007


'Green agenda is profitable' says Premier (a tree absorbs 1 tonne carbon dioxide so people should plant trees to sell credit certificates to industry which count as emission reduction). GlobeMail, Feb 16, 2007

Canada gives climate change $1.5-billion (25% to French province minority). CBC, Feb 12, 2007

Tycoon offers $32-million greenhouse award. OzHeraldSun, Feb 11, 2007
British tycoon Sir Richard Branson yesterday announced the prize for the scientist who comes up with a way of extracting greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. The Virgin Group chairman was joined by former US vice-president Al Gore and other leading environmentalists as he announced the challenge to find the world's first viable method to capture and remove carbon dioxide from the air...Mr Gore said the planet had a "fever" and the world had to listen to experts.

China canary in coal mine (most polluted on planet; wheat kernels dark-sooty-hollow-twisted) & "Humans are to blame" says UN (says "Americans worst polluters on planet") & UN weather report is a "Corruption of Science" ("a political document...a hoax") & UN mandates that the science be altered ("not approved by scientists but by political delegates of the UN") & China exempt from cutting greenhouse gases (in spite of world-leading coal use) & Dark cloud of pollution over Hong Kong (from smokestacks of China mainland) & Stinky, oily, orange snow in Russia (nuclear-industrial-radioactive pollution). GlobeMail/Time/Telegraph/Guardian Feb 3, 2007




Jackie Jura
~ an independent researcher monitoring local, national and international events ~