"If we do not on a national scale attack organized criminals
with weapons and techniques as powerful and effective as their own,
they will destroy us."
~ Robert Francis Kennedy


Today [Feb 2003], as reported* in one of Canada's national newspapers, a man by the name of Duguid (symbolically pronounced do-good?) is calling for police to investigate possible links between a reputed Mafia godfather and a company with municipal contracts in Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa to place recycling bins on street corners.

Details in this story are eerily familiar to those described by Robert Kennedy is his 1960 book THE ENEMY WITHIN. Even the fact that it involves garbage collection is similar, as are the tax evasions and the acquitals for proven crimes.

An organized crime author, Lee Lamothe, says this Canadian case should prompt a public inquiry. He says, "To have the most powerful Sicilian Mafia boss in Canada connected through the car ownership to any company doing business with any government is a red flag that should grind any deal to a halt while the police investigate".

Bobby Kennedy would definitely agree with him on that. His book THE ENEMY WITHIN is the story of the 1957 thru 1959 Senate hearings held to expose underworld activity and his recommendations for follow-up on its findings. But neither he or his brother, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, lived long enough to see their plans reach fruition. Both were dead by 1968, and the attack on organized crime died with them.

This section of Orwell Today will include stories that pertain to Mafia goons, dons and underworld events that seem to be breaking the surface more brazenly these days. I wish JFK and RFK were here to help. ~ Jackie Jura

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In addition to meetings with Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller and China's top bureaucrats, Brian Mulroney has served as an advisor to Canadian tycoon Peter Munk... The debate over Brian Mulroney's performance during his stormy decade in power rages on, but there is little doubt about his enhanced international stature since he left office in 1993. He has emerged as a major player in the shadowy world of international geopolitics, constantly consulted by the rich and powerful, who hand him lucrative assignments and endow him with greater global clout than he had as prime minister of Canada... He nurtured and expanded his relationships among America's corporate elite while he was in office, and that led eventually to his extraordinary friendships with the two George Bushes... When he voluntarily left the leadership of Canada's progressive Conservative Party in the spring of 1993, Peter Munk, the voluble chairman and chief shareholder of the giant Barrick gold mining and TrizecHaun real estate empires, rallied to the cause by naming Mr Mulroney to both boards... On top of his director's fees, he earns an annual stipend of $250,000 from each company, plus generous stock options. When I asked Mr Munk why he appointed the former prime minister, he stated the obvious: "Because Brian has great contacts. He knows every dictator in the world on a first-name basis." Brian Mulroney's first high-profile corporate assignment in the USA was an invitation to join the board of Archer, Daniels Midland Company, a giant food additive producer based in Decatur, Illinois, which shortly afterwards got itself into deep doo-doo...

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