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To Orwell Today,

Very interesting site you have there. I got to your site because I read Frank Brady's book Endgame and your webpage BOBBY FISCHER IN ROOM 202 was quoted in the source notes for a quote on page one Chapter One. Amazing!!!

What do you think about the new book on Fischer by Brady? Did Frank Brady contact you? Getting exposure is not easy in a cluttered internet world.

Have you had contact with Bobby Fischer in the past? Where did you get that quote where Bobby is arrested in Japan? I mean the quote:

"So this is how I'll die, he thought. Will anyone ever know the truth about how I was murdered?"

People like you have a big impact on the world. It is NOT easy to get the TRUTH out these days. You seem to be very knowledgeable - what is your background? It is crucial to get information out. Let me know how I can help out. Has the Fischer book Endgame helped you get more viewers of your website?

Thank you,
Gilbert Rosenberg, June 1, 2011

Greetings Gilbert,

Thanks a million for letting me know that ORWELL TODAY is cited in the latest Bobby Fischer book, ie ENDGAME by Frank Brady. I agree, it IS amazing to be quoted on PAGE one, CHAPTER one (and LINE one too, for that matter). I'm feeling appreciative toward Brady and honour-bound by Bobby to search for "the truth about how he was murdered."

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Here's the quote in its broader context:

...Finally Bobby was dumped into a room where one or more guards was sitting on or otherwise putting strong pressure on Bobby's back. All of the air was forced out of Bobby's lungs. What very little breathing Bobby could even attempt to do was also blocked by the black or brown bag on his head. Bobby shouted over and over again that "I can't breathe, I can't breathe" but they paid no attention. Bobby twisted his head back and forth furiously all the while shouting "I can't breathe! I can't breathe!" This went on for what seemed like about a minute or two. Bobby only had about a second or two left before he would have passed out and/or died. Bobby was already thinking: "So this is how I will die. Will my friends and loved ones ever really know the truth about how I was murdered? What will the press say about it? It was all planned this way by the Jews... It really is true all the horror stories all the 'suicides'... all the murders in custody... It's so damned easy... it's so quick... Suddenly after what seemed like an eternity the guy or guys got off of Bobby's back and he could breathe!...

My source for that Bobby quote, as cited by Brady in ENDGAME and by me in BOBBY FISCHER IN ROOM 202 is Fischer's own STATEMENT OF FACTS written from Japanese prison in 2004 and posted on Fischer's official website, which went down after his death and now redirects to the Chess Base website.

Before receiving your email I had, of course, heard about ENDGAME but wasn't in a hurry to buy a copy because of negative notions I held against its author, Frank Brady. This was based on reading, years ago, about Brady's role in demanding that Fischer be stripped of his Grand Master title and booted out of the Chess Hall of Fame.

Brady's seeming hatred for Bobby -- even though at one time they'd been friends and chess-playing peers -- caused me to doubt that his book about Fischer would be truthful.


However, motivated by your email, I went out and bought ENDGAME right away and read it in almost one sitting. Brady, a university professor of journalism, definitely knows how to write. I learned much valuable information in ENDGAME, especially what happened to Bobby in the years after he became World Chess Champion in Iceland in 1972 and up to and including his death in Iceland in 2008.

I've never read Brady's first book about Fischer -- PROFILE OF A PRODIGY published in 1965 & updated in 1972 -- and so the first half of ENDGAME, where he describes Bobby's early life, was also very informative and interesting.

To your question, "have I ever had contact with Bobby Fischer", the answer is "no". But I kind of had a feeling, during the years he lived in Iceland, that Bobby might have read some of the articles about him on ORWELL TODAY. Maybe it was wishful thinking, but there are many people who suspect that he sometimes played chess on-line -- and he could always beat the computer.

When Fischer's website was still up and running I used to listen to his interviews with the Philippine radio station, some of them over the telephone from prison in Japan. A couple of times Bobby mentioned Orwell and "1984" in relation to the constant surveillance he was under -- the cameras and microphones watching and listening to everything he did and said.

My knowledge about Bobby Fischer comes from listening to those interviews and reading many, many articles by and about him over the years -- mainly on the worldwideweb. Also, I've read and own quite a few books about Bobby Fischer, scanned below:

FisherTeachChess FischerLifeMagazine FischerGamesCvr FischerSketch FisherGamesInside
FischerSpasskyNYT Fischer Darrach FisherEdmondsEidinow Fischer Endgame Brady Fisher Benson

In future articles on ORWELL TODAY I'll be writing what I learned from ENDGAME and include some excerpts. For now, here's the article about how in 2002 Frank Brady and other USA Chess Federation executives attempted to expunge the name BOBBY FISCHER from chess. See CHESS MEN VAPORIZING FISCHER

All the best,
Jackie Jura, 2012

PS - Sorry it's taken a year [June 2011-July 2012] to respond to your email but I've been distracted with other Orwellian events -- especially the Big Brother war on Libya -- and am just now getting back to writing about other subjects -- including one of my favourites, Bobby Fischer.

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watch Fischer the American defeated Soviet machine (then Bobby stopped playing, he disappeared), YouTube

watch Fischer 1972 inverview after winning World Chess Championship (I wanna keep playing alot of chess), September 1972, YouTube

FischerIcelandBlanket Fischer won World Chess Championship 40 years ago (the greatest chess player in the history of chess), Septebmer 1, 1972-2012

listen Bobby Fischer Live Radio Interviews (1999-2006), Chessville

Archive of Bobby Fischer's official website, Wayback Machine

New book review: Bobby Fischer Comes Home (The Final Years In Iceland, a Saga of Friendship and Lost Illusions by GM Helgi Olafsson), Chessville, Aug 31, 2012

follow Color commentary on Fischer/Spassky games, ChessBase, Jul 11, 2012 (After some harrowing manoeuvring the US Challenger Bobby Fischer sat down to the first game of the World Championship match against Boris Spassky in Iceland. It was a very tense encounter and has been beautifully recreated by Frank Brady, who was an eye-witness at the scene...)

FischerSpasskyPieces Chess Match of Century began 40 years ago: Communist System Spassky vs FreeWorld Fischer (21 games from July 11 - August 31, 1972)

watch Chess Champ Bobby Fischer on 60 Minutes (Bobby Fischer is the best chess player in the world. He did it by himself), CBS, April 1972
...The Russians have been worried about me ever since I started.... I was a rotten person in their press... Before they ever even knew about me personally... It's against the Russians and all the lies they say about ya... Spassky, he's a little better than the other Russians I've taken on in the series... His games from that Moscow event... he lost half the games in that tournament... I didn't compete so he's not much of a champion... He's the best they've got but he's no big deal...some natural ability, some factors working... People have been calling me arrogant for many years... Now I'm winning all these matches... I'm the best in the world, it's just an obvious fact... no advisors, no coaches, no manager...

watch Bobby Fischer interviewed on Dick Cavett show, Summer 1971, YouTube (one year before he won the World Chess Championship -- USA vs USSR -- against Spassky in Iceland, July 11 to August 31, 1972)

Brady: Bobby Fischer's Game of the Century, Chess Base News, May 29, 2011 (We recently published a review by Sean Marsh on Frank Brady's new biography of Bobby Fischer. In the meantime we have received the handsome volume from the author and are actually reading it – with immense pleasure. To give you an impression of the quality of this book we bring you a short excerpt of a story you know. Read how wonderfully Dr Brady weaves the well-known tale....In 1960, Brady was the Founding Editor of Chess Life as a magazine. (Previously it had been a newspaper), and later Editor of Chessworld Magazine....Frank is a writer, editor and publisher of international renown. He wrote one of the best-selling chess books in history, Profile of a Prodigy, the biography of Bobby Fischer, as well as countless other books and articles on chess and other subjects. His new biography of Fischer, Endgame: The Spectacular Rise and Fall of Bobby Fischer was published in 2011.... Recently Garry Kasparov visited the Marshall Chess Club, where Dr. Frank Brady showed him the board used in the famous teletype match which Bobby played in 1965 in Havanna...)

Endgame, by Frank Brady, Review on ChessBase, Apr 25, 2011 (Bobby Fischer's Remarkable Rise and Fall, From America's Brightest Prodigy to the Edge of Madness. That's the full title of a fascinating book we are currently reading, one which was written by Dr Frank Brady, who knew Fischer from his early youth onwards. It is going to take us some time to go through all 402 pages, so for now we bring you, courtesy of the English magazine CHESS, an in-depth review by Sean Marsh...)

watch Frank Brady reads from ENDGAME, YouTube, Mar 9, 2011 (Frank Brady examines the life of chess master turned international fugitive Bobby Fischer (1943-2008). At thirteen-years-old Fischer became the youngest chess master in U.S. history and gained world recognition for his 1972 championship match against Soviet, Boris Spaskky during the Cold War. Mr. Brady recounts Fischer's reclusiveness, his issues with the U.S. government, and his reemergence later in life as a man who championed conspiracy theories and suffered from paranoia. Frank Brady recalls the life of Bobby Fischer at Barnes & Noble Booksellers in New York City.)

watch Frank Brady CSPAN Book Discussion Endgame, Feb 1, 2011 [note: Brady repeatedly refers to Bobby as "anti-American" whereas in fact Bobby was a patriotic American who defended his country against the enemy, Communist Russia -- an enemy not only in chess but also in philosophy. Bobby accused the Russians of cheating in chess which was in fact a fact -- and for this the Russians -- and the pro-Communist, pro-Russian chess establishment -- hated him. ~ jj"]

listen Bobby Fischer phone calls from Japan prison, Chess Base, Aug 8, 2004 (In emotional phone calls from his detention cell in Tokyo ex world champion Bobby Fischer gave a Philippine radio station two lengthy interviews. Fischer is facing deportation and incarceration in the US, and voices his nightmare fears: "I will be tried, convicted, sentenced, imprisoned, tortured and murdered." We have summary transcripts and audio files.)











Fisher Benson FischerBensonBio BOBBY FISCHER, by Harry Benson, 2011 (Harry Benson's rare, exclusive photos of the elusive and controversial chess genius Bobby Fischer taken during the historic World Chess Championship match in Iceland in 1972 are collected for the first time.... 'The Match of the Century' is now generally considered a battle in the Cold War between the USA and the USSR.... Worried about spies and saboteurs, lacking substantial support from the USA, and seeking deep mental focus, Fischer prized solitude.... Fischer is considered the greatest chess player of all time...the man Benson calls 'the most complicated and most fascinating person I have ever photographed'...)

Fischer Endgame Brady ENDGAME (Bobby Fischer's Remarkable Rise And Fall From America's Brightest Prodigy To The Edge Of Madness), by Frank Brady, 2011

FisherEdmondsEidinow BOBBY FISCHER GOES TO WAR (How A Lone American Star Defeated The Soviet Union), by David Edmonds & John Eidinow, 2004

Fischer Darrach BOBBY FISCHER VS THE REST OF THE WORLD, by Brad Darrach, 1974

FischerSpasskyNYT FISCHER SPASSKY, Report On Chess Match Of The Century, by New York Times, September 1972

FischerGamesCvr FischerSketch FisherGamesInside BOBBY FISCHER'S CHESS GAMES, by Robert Wade & Kevin O'Connell, 1972 (...In Fischer there lies the potentiality of proving himself the greatest chess-player the world has ever known in all the fifteen hundred years that the game has been in existence...)

FischerLifeMagazine THE DEADLY GAMESMAN (Bobby Fischer Is One Match Away From The World Chess Championship), by Brad Darrach, photographs by Harry Benson, Life Magazine, November 1971

FisherTeachChess BOBBY FISCHER TEACHES CHESS, by Bobby Fischer, 1966

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Jackie Jura
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