To Orwell Today,
re: Reader asks if JFK allusion to Camelot is justified & correct

Dear Jackie Jura,

Just like Kim from Australia, I am currently writing my final paper for my Modern U.S. History class. Because I really am interested in Kennedy, I chose the topic of Kennedy and the Camelot Presidency. I was wondering if maybe you could go into some depth, maybe some reasons why his presidency was so much like Camelot, why people loved the Kennedys so much, etc. If you have any information that i could use, I ask you to please send it to me. I need help and I really think you are the one who really knows and can help.

Thanks so much for even reading my email.
- Lisa S., Pennsylvania

Greetings Lisa,

My website is a resource containing much "in depth" information on JFK and Camelot and yet it seems you haven't read any of it. As I mentioned recently to another emailer, "There is no other way for you to learn the truth about JFK than to do the hard work yourself, ie do the reading. The truth will never be poured into your brain the way the lies are."

Don't ask me for help if you aren't willing to help yourself. Go to JFK TRUTHS & UNTRUTHS and JFK & CAMELOT and start reading.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

Jackie Jura
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