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Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a senior high school student in Australia. I am about to commence research on the Camelot allusion, related historical perspectives, and effectively analyse a number of different opinions about whether or not the John Kennedy Camelot allusion is justified, or correct. As you may or may not be aware, such information is particularly hard to come by in Australia, as the allusion is not at all well known or researched. I have searched the internet, and found nothing particularly relevant. If you have any information or ideas, please e-mail me.

This research assignment is to be completed for my final exams, and is the backbone of an entire extension history course, so any information at all would be greatly appreciated.

Yours Sincerely,
Kim Hubbard

Greetings Kim,

It's a perfect time, November 9, 2004, for you to be wondering about JFK because the month of November is when he is especially remembered by the world because it was in this month that he was slaughtered in front of the eyes of hundreds of adoring everyday people who had thronged to catch a glimpse of him. And then the whole world watched his funeral on television and the whole world literally cried. He wasn't just loved by the people of the United States but by people all over the world, except apparently Communist China which didn't mention his death in their press or radio/TV programs.

JFK was the only president who was hated by communists and capitalists with equal measure. He was an enemy to both because he was a true socialist who worked for the common man. JFK's words and actions had a ring of truth to them that penetrated language and social barriers. His power reached the hearts of people directly and they could FEEL his goodness.

I know it must be hard for you to believe this, having not been born when JFK was alive, but it is possible for you to understand it if you read the truth about him and watch live footage and pictures, although you have to try and ignore the commentary that goes with it. Whenever they show a documentary of JFK the powers-that-be always tell poisonous lies about him which only a person who knows better would be able to discern. In this way, they totally control how he is perceived to the next generation, ie you.

Also, truthful books about JFK are hard to find as most of them are written by authors who are paid to tell lies and warp the JFK reality.

Now, to your main question about whether the John Kennedy Camelot allusion is justified or correct, I can tell you that in my educated opinion it is 100% justified and correct. He was without a doubt our era's version of a beloved and good King Arthur, who people try to say was only a legend. Well, JFK was NOT a legend, he was here in the flesh and spirit and as long as there are people like you who are willing to search for the truth about him, his legend will live on like King Arthur's from Camelot.

For research on your JFK assignment I suggest you read the essays on my website and watch documentaries where you can see him and hear him. And go to second-hand book stores looking for biographies about him and to bookstores to look at coffee-table books with photos. But be careful to get the good books and not the bad ones which attempt to contaminate your mind toward him.

All the best,
Jackie Jura, 2004

PS - Rent the video THE KENNEDY YEARS, LIFE IN CAMELOT, presented by TIME that came out in 1988


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