To Orwell Today,

Hi Jackie,

I read your story about your town with interest. As a child I lived at Manning's Farm, within Lady Wimborne's great estate known as Canford Heath which stretched from Poole to Wimborne, Dorset. In early 60s there were questions in the House of Lords as to the sale of part of the great heath by Lord Wimborne to Poole council for I believe 5-MILLION? profit, which was a great deal of money then. The development was close to a water tower hence the name Tower Park, probably biggest housing development and leisure estate in southern England. What residents don't realise is that most of the area was originally bogland and as a youth I watched as lorry after lorry loads of hardcore was sunk there prior to the foundations for houses were established. In earlier years Lady Wimborne had paid for the creation of a recreational landscaped area as her gift to people of Poole, called Lady's Walking Field. In later years the council acquired it to build the present bus station eyesore. Reminds me of Big Yellow Taxi, a Joni Mitchell hit song.

Raymond Wills

Hi Raymond,

Yes, that's the tune that plays in my mind too - "they paved paradise and put in a parking lot, doop, doop, doop, doop, doop, doop, doop, doop..."

Jackie Jura
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