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Regarding constitutional monarchy: it is the only way to regain control of the MAFIA; it is the only way to get control of the printing of money as well as the menace of secret societies. Sometimes, under emergency conditions, the People need to accept the fact that they might have to do with a little less representative government for a period of time.

A President with a 20 year term might be the answer as well; the French got rid of their 'Reign of Terror' by something called a 'Long Parliament'.

France, for example, has gone from monarchy to republic and back again several times.

That Rwandian King sounds like a coward to me. That was a nice response you wrote. I think you are right about him but I think it is hard to be too critical of someone who was threatened openly with death. He was, wasn't he?

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Greetings Zane,

Yes, if there were a decent King and if there were a decent President or Prime Minister then it would be nice if they had a long enough term to do something to stop the Mafia and Secret Societies. See REPUBLIC & PARLIAMENTARY DEMOCRACY and THE RISE OF GODFATHERS and THE ENEMY WITHIN and THE DEVIL & KING JAMES and PEOPLES' PRINCESS & PRINCESS' PEOPLE.

For example, England had the chance for a really good king with Edward VIII and Czechoslovakia had good king Wenceslas and Russia had some good czars but every time they were either deposed or assassinated which put an end to their plans and good works. Their replacements or heirs then merely "played along to get along". See PEOPLE'S GOOD KING EDWARD and GOOD KING WENCESLAS PLEASE LOOK OUT and RUSSIAN REVOLUTION READING and WHO KILLED THE ROYAL FAMILY OF NEPAL?.

And think of JFK - my all time favourite hero - and the work he could have accomplished if he'd been given at LEAST one full term as President, let alone two for a total of 8 years. But he would have been the last to wrangle a third term. His older brother Joe had openly disapproved of Roosevelt going against the Constitution and running for a third term (which he won on the basis of saying he'd never send American boys off to die in WWII after which he immediately did so - which he'd been conniving for all along). See PRESIDENT LINDBERGH GOES MISSING.

And in a way the USA is acting like a hereditary monarchy with its Bush Sr doing a term or two as president after a term or two as vice-president (and before that the head of CIA) and then his son - Bush Too - now on a second term as president, and another Bush around somewhere as governor of a state that committed KNOWN voter fraud in the last presidential election. And look at Canada and Britain where prime ministers who are democratically elected just step aside - before their terms are finished - and hand their "crown" to someone UNelected, ie Chretien to Martin and Blair to Brown. And not a word of criticism is bleated by the masses or their supposed watch-dog press. See PRESS ARE CIRCUS DOGS and ORWELL ON FREE PRESS.

And regarding the last king of Rwanda - the one who's still alive - I'm not sure if he was ever openly threatened with death or not. On the contrary, it sounds like he actually "hobnobbed" with the killers behind the 1994 genocide of the Tutsis, his own tribe. In the opinion of the Rwandan writer of that article RWANDA KING NO TASTE, "It is a blot on the image of Kigeli. This is something that will put into doubt the intentions of the former Rwandan King for a long time."

In other words, it leaves a bad taste in one's mouth, thus the title of the essay. It's a double entendre meaning the king has no taste in friends (hobnobbing with genocidaires) and this therefore provides no appetite, no "taste" for monarchy in his 'subjects' back home in Rwanda.

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Jackie Jura

PS - Having bad kings is another reason for needing dragon slayers like SAINT GEORGE ORWELL

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