To Orwell Today,

Dear Sir,

Are you trying to spread negative assertions about the monarchical principle of government?

Jean Baptist Kigeli may not have been a good King but you shouldn't be casting the monarchical principle like that.

It's hard enough dealing with the New World Order these days. You are opposing the solution in my view - a paragovernment.

I realize you didn't write the article. I was just appalled at the negativity.

Zane Henry, Emperor 1009

Greetings Zane,

For your information I'm a "madame", not a "sir".

And you're correct, I didn't write the article RWANDA KING NO TASTE. But I agree with its sentiments, ie I'm not a monarchist (and never professed to be).

I believe in democratically-elected forms of government - ie "of the people, by the people, for the people".

I see no problem in King Kigeli returning home to Rwanda and assuming a ceremonial monarchical role for the sake of tradition and historical significance. See RWANDA MWAMI GO HOME and RWANDA KING WANTS RWANDA and ROYAL REIGN IN RWANDA.

In my opinion Kigeli V is a poor excuse for a king, seeing as how he didn't assume the crown until 1959 and then a year or so later he left Rwanda and has never returned, even though there's nothing stopping him. And I think it's kind of cowardly that he never helped stop the genocide of his people. His older brother's wife - Queen Rosalie - lived in Rwanda even after her husband - King Rudahigwa - was deposed (died, assassinated). She stuck it out in Rwanda through all the mini-genocides preceding the monster one in 1994 which she didn't survive (not because she was royalty, but because she was Tutsi). She was thrown into the back of a pick-up truck and macheted to death behind where the Rwanda museum is located. But during her lifetime she was loved and respected by the people of Rwanda for her unpretentious manner and her non-involvement in politics. See KAGAME AUNT QUEEN ROSALIE and RWANDA ROYAL PALACES.

A person would think that Kigeli V would WANT to return to his "kingdom" in any capacity at all - even as a pauper - if he cares so much about his "kingdom".

You're free to go on wishing for a monarchy in Rwanda or anywhere else. Like Kagame said, if the king wants to run for election, he's free to do so. But he wouldn't be king, just president.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

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Jackie Jura
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