Dear Jackie Jura,

Hello. I visit your site regularly and I have in the process gained more knowledge about Orwell. I am intrigued by your suggestion that Goldstein is actually the leader of the Brotherhood as revealed by O'Brien.

However, I feel that you might have inaccurately and (I also believe unknowingly) used a quote from 1984. You wrote in the article MALE BASHING WHAMs, how Orwell described the phenomenon of tall, muscular, blond-haired, vital and carefree males being villified and replaced with small dark beetle like men who flourish in the ministries. Your contention is wrong in the context of what Orwell actually meant. Orwell was actually attacking and exposing the contradiction which was so apparent in Nazi leadership. The Nazi's ideal were tall blond strong young men, however this was far from the physical appearance of the Nazi leadership - hence the joke. The ideal nazi is blond like Hitler, slim like Goring, tall like Goebbels. This is essentially what Orwell was parodying.

I am convinced Orwell saw that masterpiece of Nazi propaganda, 'Triumph des Willens' or 'Triumph of the Will' by the recently deceased Leni Riefensthal. In this film you will you notice the potrayal of young blond boys as the master race. The film is riddled with propaganda that could not be easily discerned unless you had been to Germany.

1984 contains attacks on both the Nazi's and the Soviets, though the larger part of Orwell's vitriol is spared for the soviets as he must have felt that communism was a greater betrayal of his democratic socialist beliefs. Big brother's appeareance as being a man of about 50 with black hair, a black moustach and ruggedly handsome looks is most likely to have been derived from Stalin or the leader of the British union of facists - Sir Oswald Mosley.

Are you aware that Hitler, though he had very dark brown hair was actually blue eyed? It is often mistaken that he was brown eyed because virtually all his photograps are in black and white. Do you also remember that in 1984 Winston does not initially remember Julia's eye colour. Orwell then writes that some brown haired people have blue eyes and Julia is the girl with dark hair. I am not at all suggesting that Hitler is Julia. Orwell simply used her character to get his point across.

Indeed, Orwell himself had dark hair and blue eyes, and it is easy looking at his black and white pictures to assume he had dark coloured eyes as well. There are several other instances thoroughout the book where Orwell uses the chararcter's to mock or to reveal something that caught his attetion. He describes how O' Brien makes artistic gestures and body movements whilst speaking, again Hitler was known for this sort of behaviour when he reached a frenzied almost possessed state during his speeches.

As said earlier, I am glad that there is a site such as yours. I am only trying to correct. You are correct in writing that WHAMs are being constantly attacked in the mainstream media but I do not feel that the particular quote from 1984 reflects this.

Take good care and I hope to hear your views,

John Smith

Dear John,

Obviously you haven't noticed the predominance of small, dark, beetle-like men in the governments and bureaucracies of present-day Oceania, ie the entire western world. They aren't German, contrary to what you seem to believe.

~ Jackie Jura

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Jackie Jura
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