Further to the article YOU CAN REFUSE ALL SMART METERS here's a sample letter that homeowners and occupants can send to the government and its "smart meter" agents. I transcribed it from the Jerry Day Smart Meter Information* website on old parchment-like paper as a symbolic Town Crier "hear ye, hear ye" proclamation. ~ Jackie Jura




Any person who acts or conspires to install or apply any device or system upon this property for the purpose, or having the effect of:

monitoring of any activity
collecting data and/or
emitting electromagnetic, radio or microwave radiation

will be charged and prosecuted to the full extent of the law for:

unlawful surveillance
public endangerment
damage to property values and
willful violation of prior and rightful notice and contract

Additionally, any actual or attempted installation described above will cause obligation of one million dollars, $1,000,000.00, due again upon each installation or attempted installation, owed by, and due from, every individual and agency fully and separately who may be responsible or complicit in approving or causing the installation.

By this notice, any party installing or attempting to install such device or system without fully announcing himself/herself, without identifying himself/herself and/or without obtaining fully-informed written consent for all such installations from the owner and occupants of the property will be:

concealing activity known to be criminal in nature and
acting in intentional and willful malfeasance against innocent parties
for personal benefit, gain or advantage

and will become voluntarily liable and obligated to all terms, conditions, declarations and stipulations herein.

~ end quoting Public Notice: No Smart Meter ~

*Public Notice: No "Smart Meter" (or any similar device may be installed on this property), Jerry Day Productions

Town Crier, Wikipedia (...They carry a handbell to attract people's attention, as they shout the words "Oyez, Oyez, Oyez!" before making their announcements. The word "Oyez" means "hear ye," which is a call for silence and attention. Oyez derives from the Anglo-Norman word for listen.... In Medieval England, town criers were the chief means of news communication with the townspeople, since many were illiterate in a period before the moveable type was invented....)

40.Electric Shock Brainwashing & 3.Surveillance & 14.Scientific Experimentation

ENMAX mum on known cause of Smart Grid fire
(Mayor says could be zombie aliens)
Fire destroys Canada Smart Meter electricity grid
(smart meter corporation says cause unknown)
SmartMeterGridEnmax WarningLetterSmartMeters SmartMeterGridFire
(thousands offices/apartments no power/water)
watch Smart Meter Fires & Explosions Reports
ENMAX/News, Oct 14, 2014
& 14.Scientific Experimentation & 3.Surveillance

Why did downtown go dark? City, Enmax mum on fire's possible cause, Calgary Herald, Oct 14, 2014
While the homes of 5,000 Calgarians remain without power, Calgary Fire and Enmax leaders are keeping everyone else in the dark as to what they suspect caused the blue flames that charred an underground vault downtown. After removing 3.5 kilometres of cable and other destroyed gear, investigators are trying to piece together what exactly happened. Calgary Fire Chief Ken Uzeloc and utility CEO Gianna Manes wouldn't even offer a timeline for what they called a "multi-stage" probe. "No, not ruling anything out. Not speculating as to what may have caused this and what may not have caused this", Manes told reporters Monday. "So we're just going to need to, again, continue to wait". In an update Tuesday, Manes offered no new details, but noted Enmax was working with the fire department in its investigation. The disaster is a first for Enmax, but explosive manholes and underground electrical fires occur throughout the world. Be it a bad connection, human error or cables corroded when water seeped in, experts in electrical engineering and fire analysis suggest the city and its utility may already know what went wrong. Michael Bodnar, a Calgary-based principal with fire engineering firm Sereca, said any number of things may have gone wrong, either during work on the vault or when "a bunch of really unlikely things" combined in disaster. "Either way, I would bet they had a very good idea of what likely happened within a matter of hours", said Bodnar, a former fire protection engineer in the hydroelectricity sector.... "Sometimes these things end up in court cases and seven years later there's no agreement on what actually happened".... Among city officials, only Mayor Naheed Nenshi would posit a possible explanation, albeit a cheeky one for a city bedevilled lately by fire, September snow and flooding. "I have been doing my own analysis of the situation, and I have pretty much ruled out zombies and aliens. Zombie aliens, however, still remain in question".


Draft Internet
(talk on telescreen with Melbourne/Durban/Washington)
SmartPhonePeek SmartPhoneFollow
Consumer privacy concerns with The-Internet-Of-Things
(technology monitoring every aspect of our lives)
Electronic devices causing soaring waste of electricity
(suck enough energy each year to power Canada)
Rise of the connected car puts web behind the wheel
(wireless/digital telematics send/recieve inside vehicle)
Smart-homes controlled by smart-phones coming soon
SmartMeterHouse ConnectedCar WaterMeterMail
Extortion/intimidation in Canada over smart water meters
($50,000 fine for anyone not complying by deadline)
Angry householder mails smart meter back to Irish Water
(gov't has no legal authority without consent or contract)
Global/PCWorld/Email, Jul 3, 2014
& 3.Surveillance & 20.Thought Police

Smart Meter fight about not being a guinea pig
(same frequency Russians used to microwave Americans)
watch Demand city/police be fired over SmartMeters
(we live in America not communist China)
("we've come to install your smart meter")
CanNews/Email, Feb 5-27, 2013
& 14.Scientific Experimentation

ZigBee, Wikipedia (ZigBee is a specification for a suite of high level communication protocols using small, low-power digital radios based on an IEEE 802 standard for personal area networks. ZigBee devices are often used in mesh network form to transmit data over longer distances, passing data through intermediate devices to reach more distant ones. This allows ZigBee networks to be formed ad-hoc, with no centralized control or high-power transmitter/receiver able to reach all of the devices. Any ZigBee device can be tasked with running the network. ZigBee is targeted at applications that require a low data rate, long battery life, and secure networking. ZigBee has a defined rate of 250 kbit/s, best suited for periodic or intermittent data or a single signal transmission from a sensor or input device. Applications include wireless light switches, electrical meters with in-home-displays, traffic management systems, and other consumer and industrial equipment that requires short-range wireless transfer of data at relatively low rates. The technology defined by the ZigBee specification is intended to be simpler and less expensive than other WPANs, such as Bluetooth. The name refers to the waggle dance of honey bees after their return to the beehive....

SmartMeterZigBee watch Navy warfare expert blows whistle on Smart Meters, YouTube, Sep 30, 2012
...I'm a retired Canadian Air Forces Captain...I spent 26 years in the military, of which 22 were in signals intelligence or electronic warfare and radio warfare...Twenty months ago my daughter called me and asked if I knew anything about "Smart Meters" and I said "no"...She asked if I would look into them for her and I said I would...I became concerned when I learned that they planned on using wireless technology, only because of my background. When I looked further and found out that every smart meter has a second radio transmitter inside called a Zig Bee -- it too is wireless -- and the plan is that that Zig Bee will, in future, invade, control up to 15 other "smart" appliances from your furnace, your refrigerator, your dishwasher.... Anything with a motor in your house will eventually become a "smart" appliance...They are extremely dangerous. If only people take the time, especially when you realize that whatever EMR -- Electro Magnetic Radiation - they emit will simply be added on top of all the other devices we currently have from your WiFi routers, your local area networks, your cell phones, your smart phones, your baby monitors, your cordless phones etc... There are something like 30-odd devices, all of which emit pulse microwave radiation. We're now breathing this. You add on top of that all of this stuff that nobody knows, not even the utilities know yet, how much the aggregate amount that will be, and that's definitely scary...

Russians used wireless warfare on Americans in 1976 (Moscow microwaved USA Embassy killing dozens), Castanet, Sep 27, 2012
A retired electronic warfare naval officer says the City of Kelowna should put the proposed sale of its share in electrical utilities to referendum...Jerry Flynn, a 77-year-old former officer with the Communications Research Branch of the Royal Canadian Navy, says he fears the proposed sale of the City of Kelowna’s electrical utility rights will ultimately result in energy provider FortisBC installing smart meters in the city without public input, something Flynn says will put everyone’s health at risk. “They’ll (FortisBC) get approval from BCUC to go ahead and rollout smart meters by 2015, and by that time, we’ll all be victimized,” Flynn warns.

Flynn, who spent 22 years “exploiting, disrupting, and denying” the enemy’s wireless communications while in the navy, claims industry is not telling the truth when it comes to health effects from wireless microwave radiation: like that from cell phones, cordless phones, baby monitors, and especially smart meters, and cites studies from military and international studies showing health effects ranging from headaches and insomnia to DNA damage, cancer, and increases in rates of childhood leukemia. “The increase in the spread of wireless (technology) is consistent with the spread of all these diseases...the linkage is undeniable. ”

Flynn points to the Moscow embassy incident in 1976 when Soviet officials admitted beaming microwave weapons at the American embassy. Dozens of U.S. officials working in the embassy successively died or suffered from similar cancers. As an example of the studies cited by Flynn, the late Dr. Eldon Byrd, a scientist for the Naval Surface Weapon Centre, USN, stated in a 1986 lecture, “We can alter the behaviour of tissues, cells, organs and whole organisms… you can cause up to six times higher fetus mortality and birth defects in laboratory animals, and these fields are so weak, you can hardly detect them…. It is known how to induce malignant diseases in human cells and...entrain human beings’ brain waves across a room with a very weak magnetic field.” Flynn says the microwave radiation used in everyday electronic devices, at a frequency of 2.4 gigahertz, the most dangerous to the human brain, have the same capabilities as those tested and used by the military. “The characteristics of wireless have never changed,” he explains. “People don’t know, because you cannot hear it; you cannot smell it; you cannot see it.” Flynn is not the only former military man to blow the whistle on microwave technology. Barry Trower worked in the microwave weapons warfare division with the British government. He concludes that the proliferation of wireless technology is the largest experiment on unknowing human subjects ever performed....

The BC government's controversial rollout of smart meters through public utility BC Hydro, as mandated by the 2010 Clean Energy Act, has provoked opposition among those concerned with not only potential health effects but with security, privacy, billing, and economic issues. And unlike some states in the U.S. and Canadian provinces, BC Hydro is not providing an opt out for those with concerns....

20ReasonsNoMeter 20 Reasons "Smart" Meters are NOT Smart

Citizens against Smart Meters launch Human Rights case (empowering the public to protect themselves), CitizensForSafeTechnology, September 2012

Smart meters cause fires; Cities/states stopping installing
(radiation making people sick/privacy concerns)
Horrific $9,000 residential smart water meter bill
(gov't blames homeowners not smart meter company)
Water wars over smart meters
Enviro/Examiner/CNN, Sep 3, 2012
WaterMeterBrochure WarningWaterMeterLiability
& 9.Keeping Masses Down

Sheople TV
(it's BIG BROTHER - we've got to stop it)
listen evil UNITED NATIONS behind Smart Meters
Refuse Smart Meters
SmartMeterBrochure SmartMeterLetter SmartMeterRefuse SmartMeterRefuseLtr
Smart People ACTION KIT AGAINST Smart Meters
watch Smart Meter Installation
watch The Dark Side of 'Smart' Meters
(this is about as BIG BROTHER as it gets)
watch Smart Meters are watching you!
YouTube, Jan 9, 2012
2.Big Brother & 3.Surveillance & 20.Thought Police

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