To Orwell Today,

Dear Ms Jura;

I was immensely impressed by your website in general and by your review of the Smart Meter nightmare in specific. I myself am getting nowhere with my battle. I have had my own City of Toronto Councillor admit to herself being "frightened" by Smart Meters, but she insisted that the new water meters do not fit into the "smart meter" classification.

A lengthy discussion with Public Health today has me even more upset. I hadn't realized that Hydro had been installing Smart Meters outside of most of our homes with absolutely no consent from the homeowners!! This cannot possibly be okay or legal, can it? So here I have been frantically researching the dangers of "dirty electricity" and the very thing I am fighting against is affixed to the wall of my house, just a few feet from where my child sleeps!!!

Please, please explain to me exactly how you convinced Neptune to allow you to stay with an analog meter -- And how might I have this horrid Hydro Smart Meter removed?

I cannot thank you enough for your amazing tireless efforts. Keep up the good fight!

Yours sincerely,
Maxine Finkelstein

Greetings Maxine,

Thanks for your kind comments about ORWELL TODAY and so glad the info is helping you fight the Smart Meter battle. The articles I've posted so far, in the order they were written are:





Incorporated in those articles are links to many websites and YouTubes all about Smart Meters and how, and why, people must fight them. The tactics can be used wherever a person lives, be it Canada, USA, England, Australia, Europe -- but probably not much help to the poor people in China, Russia, Africa or elsewhere in the communist and third world nations where Smart Meters are also being installed (if people are so fortunate as to have electricity, water, or gas coming into their homes).

In the case of water meters, it wasn't a matter of having an existing meter replaced with another one (as is the case with electricity and gas meters) because water has never been metered here before -- we just used to pay it as a utility every six months -- everyone paying the same amount. About ten years ago there was a referendum here in BC (not sure if it was Canada wide) where people were asked to vote on whether or not they wanted water meters and by a big majority the people voted "NO". But that didn't stop the government from making behind-the-scenes deals with water-meter corporations and -- abracadabra -- one day they told us all that water meters were mandatory and, like it or not, every home in BC would be getting one.

The municipal government then sent a letter to all households telling them to phone Neptune (the water meter corporation) and make an appointment to have a water meter installed. Also included was a brochure from Neptune with a 1-800 number to call to make the appointment. I never did call until receiving a FINAL NOTICE from the city government threatening me with fines totalling thousands of dollars -- which would be added to my tax bill -- unless I installed a water meter.

At that point I called City Hall and spoke to the person whose name was on the bottom of the letter, and told her that I would accept a water meter but NOT a "smart" water meter either in my house or on my property. I knew, from reading an article in the newspaper a year previously, that a woman who suffered "ringing in the ears" after having a wireless "smart" water meter installed had been successful in having it replaced with a wired analog water meter and when I mentioned this to the bureaucrat, she admitted that this was an option (although she didn't mention it until I mentioned it).

If your city councillor in Toronto is telling you that "water meters don't fit into the 'smart meter' classification" she is wrong and misinformed -- but this is understandable because Neptune seems to be trying to cover it up. In their 10-page brochure Neptune never uses the term "smart meter". The only clue that it's "smart" is in the words "transmitter" and "radio signal" as excerpted below:

WaterMeterBrochure WaterMeterTransmitter

"...The transmitter is mounted on the water meter.
This unit will transmit your meter reading via a radio signal to a mobile unit,
therefore a meter reader will never have to physically enter your home to obtain a reading...."

As I realized before calling City Hall, there is no law saying "smart" water meters are mandatory -- and they know it -- so when Joe or Suzie citizen demands an analog, the government can't refuse.

And so that's how I succeeded in getting Neptune to install a wired analog water meter instead of a wireless "smart" water meter. I phoned the 1-800 number, got connected to a supervisor, then a technician, and told them what kind of water meter they could, and could NOT, install inside my home or on my property.

However, the installation of electricity meters is a different scenario because the installers don't have to come inside the home, therefore they can sneak up while no one is home, yank the analog meter off the wall outside your house and replace it with a "smart" electricty meter and the homeowner is none the wiser -- as in your case.

But the electricity company -- BC Hydro -- did have to send out a warm and fuzzy letter to "we the people" telling us they would be "in the neighbourhood" installing "smart" meters and when I received such a letter, I sent a registered letter back to them refusing consent. And, just to be safe (not trusting them as far as I could throw them) I locked-down my analog and plastered it with NO TRESPASSING and STOP signs.

The reason I knew I could refuse a "smart" electricity meter (and in the future I'll refuse a "smart" gas meter) is because there were public forums held in my city warning people about the Smart Meter program and I had attended those meetings and had also done research on the world-wide-web -- and was therefore "empowered" -- pardon the pun -- with knowledge to fight them.

Now, about your question as to how you can get rid of the "smart" electricity meter that was sneakily attached to your house, there are websites that help with advice on how you can have it removed. Here's a link:

How to Remove Unwanted Smart Meter, Citizens for Safe Technology

Also, some people have physically removed the smart meter themselves and replaced it with an analog meter that they've purchased on the web. Here's a video showing how it's done:

watch Smart Meter Removal, YouTube

I think, if a person chooses this route, they should hire an electrician to do the job because it is actually dangerous to tamper with the meters -- fires have burnt down many homes where installers -- who aren't electricians -- have yanked off the analog and rammed in the "smart" meter.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

PS - Last week, January 29, 2013, the smart meter installer (from Corix) accompanied by the electricity provider (from BC Hydro) knocked on my door announcing "We're here to install a smart meter". To make a long story short, they left a few minutes later without installing the smart meter after I explained to them that I had officially refused consent by sending a registered letter to BC Hydro and by the NO TRESPASSING and STOP signs on my meter. But the clincher seemed to be when I told them that the provincial government's Minister of Energy -- Richard Coleman -- had sent a letter to newspapers assuring people that BC Hydro "will not install a new meter without the homeowner's consent". The letter had been posted on the CITIZENS FOR SMART TECHNOLOGY website a few days previously.


I had a copy of the Minister of Energy's letter handy but didn't need to show it to the installers because they said they had heard about it and had no intention of installing the smart meter without my permission (a change of tune to what they'd been saying moments before). Then they left my driveway, walking a long way up the street to where their vehicles were parked and I observed them walk into the driveway of another house several doors away. Over his shoulder, as he left, the BC Hydro installer scoffingly shouted "You WILL be getting a smart meter eventually" to which I responded "Is that a threat?" to which he didn't reply.

PPS - Thanks for sending along the letter you sent to your provincial politician which I'm sharing with readers because it's an excellent overview of the issue:

Why the Smart Meter Legislation Must Be Reversed At Best, Modified At Least
by Maxine Finkelstein

Dear Honourable Minister Carmichael;

I am reaching out to you with an earnest belief that you will apply your typical common-sense thinking to this very distressing issue: The mandatory installation of Smart Meters in the GTA [Greater Toronto Area].

I will save you the time and energy and respectfully request that you refrain from sharing with me the very biased "form" documents that have already been shared with me by the City of Toronto. It seems ironic that, in those very documents, whose aim is to appease concerns like mine, are the following statements:

"There is still a lot of uncertainty with the link between low level exposure to RFs and cancer, or other health effects. While a possible cancer risk exists, it is not confirmed; Many scientists agree that further research and tracking on the issue is needed; We do know that your exposure decreases the further away you are from the source of RFs."

City of Toronto representatives claim that the RF radiation from Smart Meters is not harmful to Torontonians and are within Health Canada guidelines. In reality, safe exposure guidelines recommended by Health Canada deal only with the thermal effects of wireless radiation while ignoring the non-thermal effects. This assumes that if the radiation from wireless Smart Meters is not causing the tissue of your body to increase in temperature, you have nothing to worry about!?

Health Canada dismisses the biological effects of low-level RF radiation by ignoring hundreds of published research studies that document biological effects at intensities thousands of times lower than what Health Canada deems to be safe! While perhaps not apparent in the short-term, these biological effects over time include damage to the immune and neurological systems and diseases including cancer. Is it therefore any surprise that, in 2011 the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified wireless Smart Meters radiation as a 2B possible carcinogen??

Statistics reflecting how "nominal" the RF radiation from Smart Meters is are meaningless for the millions of people worldwide who struggle with various pre-existing medical conditions or who have constitutional sensitivities that render them extremely vulnerable to various environmental triggers. The City's related argument that points to the wide use of microwaves and cell-phones is similarly weak. Minister Carmichael, individuals with sensitivities have free will and control over the use of these items. However, our free will and control are being entirely removed when it comes to Smart Meters; items that will be omnipresent in, near, and around the very dwellings in which we live! Moreover, with so many millions of Smart Meters, all within such close proximity of each other, there will undoubtedly be a cumulative effect that needs to be carefully considered.

Minister Carmichael, if there was not even some validity to all health concerns referred to in this letter, why on earth would the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) have released recommendations for patients with a broad array of illnesses and symptoms to avoid exposure to digital smart meters now being deployed internationally by governments and utilities?! This recommendation includes reference to 20 peer-reviewed studies showing biological harm from wireless technologies, indicates that patients with neurological, neurodegenerative diseases, genetic defects, cancer, and other conditions would benefit from avoiding pulsed RF radiation from smart meters. The recommendation says:

“Physicians of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine recognize that
patients are being adversely impacted
by electromagnetic frequency (EMF) and radiofrequency (RF) fields
and are becoming more electromagnetically sensitive.
The AAEM recommends: that no Smart Meters be on these patients’ homes, (and)
that Smart Meters be removed within a reasonable distance of patients’ homes…”

Like in a communist society, we have been provided with neither public consultation, choice, nor free will when it comes to the installation of Smart Meters. I refuse to believe for a moment that you agree with any of these from either political, philosophical, or moral standpoints. If these issues have simply not yet crossed your mind, please be aware that, in May 2011, a law firm in the state of Maine successfully convinced the Maine Public Utilities Commission to find “that it was an unjust and unreasonable practice for Central Maine Power Company to refuse to permit residential and small commercial customers to opt-out of CMP’s smart meter program.”

Before blindly agreeing to the widespread installation of Smart Meters, we must ask ourselves why have there been numerous reports of people becoming sick shortly after such instrumentation has been installed on/in their homes? Reports from various cities around the world have reported rates as high as 35% when describing those affected by RF radiation. The most commonly reported symptoms are headaches, confusion, tinnitus, insomnia, fatigue, irritability, dizziness and flu-like symptoms. Physicians have attested to the fact that, particularly sensitive individuals react to RF exposure with allergic-like reactions that can be debilitating.

Some scientists are concerned about the strong link between man-made radiation and increases in reported cases of childhood and adult leukaemia and brain tumours. Extremely concerning is the fact that RF radiation has greater effects on children because their bodies are smaller and in the developing stages. By proceeding with the Smart Meter program, the Province of Ontario and the City of Toronto are therefore deliberately and unnecessarily risking the health of millions of children and adults under the guise of reducing energy usage.

For the aforementioned reasons, the UK government has reversed its decision on their mandatory smart meter roll-out. Smart Meter installation in the UK will now be voluntary and it has even been suggested that their meters might come with a "health warning"! Please review the following article:

Smart meters for energy to be voluntary (Plans to force households to have energy smart meters installed have been shelved over health and privacy fears), Telegraph, Feb 1, 2012

I have every faith that you and Premier-Elect Wynne will take steps to reverse the poorly thought-out Smart Meter program in general, and the blatantly undemocratic clause in Water Supply Bylaw, chapter 851 in specific. With a thorough understanding of the very real health, legal, moral, and constitutional issues inherent in the Smart Meter program, I am sure you can appreciate how critical it is for the province to revisit, review, and reconsider the seriously flawed approach being currently used.

In advance, my humble thanks for hearing my concerns. Lastly, I respectfully ask that you take measures to ensure my protection from any further harassment from City of Toronto technicians or threats of penalties by Bylaw officers.

With appreciation and kind regards,
Maxine B. Finkelstein

Elleke is combating installation of electricity and water smart-meters in her home for safety, health and surveillance reasons

Jennifer requests info on how to get the smart-meter removed from outside her house

BC gov't ignoring moratorium against Smart Meters (39 city gov'ts voted to stop installations), by Chreistian Sjonnesen, VernonStar, Mar 10, 2013
There has been an ongoing campaign of information sharing by people who are aware of the harmful effects of smart meters, warning of violation of privacy, electrical fires and the serious health concerns to both humans and wildlife, too numerous to list here. Smart meters emit strong bursts of microwave (or radio-frequency) radiation, which the World Health Organization has classified as a class 2b carcinogen. As of May 2012, 39 BC municipalities have passed motions calling for a moratorium on the installation of smart meters. However, BC Hydro ignores that because they are not legally obligated to pay any heed. System security is another major concern. Communication is two-way between each smart meter and the grid. And each smart meter has a remote controllable kill-switch. We know that any wireless computer system can be hacked. Think about it.

My partner and I have a locking device on our analogue meter and we have notified BC Hydro that we don't want a smart meter. Recently, we received a letter from Hydro advising that time was up and they would be changing our meter whether we like it or not. But wait, Rich Coleman, minister of energy, rides in on a white charger and announces that objectors won't be forced to take a smart meter. How benevolent. Then, Coleman is careful not to make any blanket guarantees for the future (otherwise known as the post-election period). Apparently, the Liberals are hoping that the appearance of being a little less dictatorial may help their chances of surviving the upcoming election. BC Hydro's next tactic is to focus on education, which actually means Hydro's own propaganda. These days, we can educate ourselves. There are two very comprehensive websites: and, as well as the 1,500-page Bioinitiative Report 2012, written by 29 independent scientists and health experts worldwide. Check it out. Fellow hold-outs, keep holding out.

Smart meter fight about not being a guinea pig, CanadaCom, Feb 27, 2013
In letter-to-the-editor "Facts, common sense, are clouded by emotion" Fred Kardel quoted Jerry Flynn's "always question authority" yet clearly didn't hear all Jerry Flynn* had to say about smart meters. If he had, he would know that smart meters radiate on two frequencies, in microsecond bursts all day long, with those microseconds totalling just over a second/day according to Hydro. Doesn't sound like much until you consider that the communicate-with-hydro frequency is used by militaries around the world, so it is infinitely hackable. The Zigbee chip that 'talks' to your appliances uses the same frequency as the Russians used to microwave the American embassy in Moscow in the 1950s. It took the U.S. two years to figure out what was happening, and another 10 to figure out how to get even/do it better. During that time, the Americans paid their embassy staff danger pay, but didn't tell them why, instead letting the Russians perform a human biological experiment while observing the results: cancers, bleeding eyes, etc. American embassy staff were irradiated five to six hours a day, five to six days a week during two-to four-year postings. I believe we, Canadians living supposedly in the peace and security of our own homes, will be irradiated 24/7, not by just one carcinogenic frequency, but by two. In a court battle in Quebec, Health Canada has admitted to cherry-picking their science to agree with their pre-determined desired outcome, that Safety Code 6 is safe for everyone. In fact, they've admitted that Canada does not have guidelines to protect Canadians from long-term non-thermal effects. Now tell me why we emotional and skeptical people should trust any authority, when our own government demands that we become uninformed, non-consenting guinea pigs for a human biological experiment, and Health Canada encourages it?

*Watch ELECTRONIC WARFARE EXPERT BLOWS WHISTLE ON SMART METERS (Jerry Flynn, retired Canadian Armed Forces captain, 22 years in signals intelligence), YouTube

watch Homeowners confront city officials re Smart Meter arrests, Naperville, Illinois, Feb 5, 2013, YouTube
On January 23rd, 2013, with premeditated malice and forethought our City Manager in collusion with our city's Police Chief ordered an all-out assault on many of the citizens' personal property by cutting locks, illegally trespassing, threatening tax-paying citizens -- mostly women and elderly -- and actually arrested two of our stay-at-home moms on trumped-up charges for refusing installation of smart-meters. When the rights of a citizen-owned utility supercede the rights of our owners and the full force of the city's Police Department is turned on its own people it's time for a radical and immediate change.... I'm asking for City Council to fire the City Manager, the acting Police Chief and the Police Officers.... As far as I know we still live in the United States of America and not communist China...

watch 2 USA moms arrested refusing smart meters
(police/installers broke onto property/pushed aside)
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SmartMeterLeakDetect MeterReaderAd MeterReaderContract
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(fire originated in electrical panel)
News/Email, Jan 15-24, 2013
SmartMeterLetter EnergyMinisterAssure
& Surveillance & Thought Police & Experimentation


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