That rifle hanging on the wall
of the working-class flat or labourer's cottage
is the symbol of democracy.
It is our job to see that it stays there.
~ George Orwell, sergeant in Home Guard


These days the governments of the "free world" are arming their police and their military with every imaginable kind of weapon while at the same time depriving their citizens of the basic means of defending themselves. In "1984" Orwell warns against a disarmed society where "firearms were impossible to procure" and where "the war is waged by each ruling group against its own subjects".

Orwell was a strong proponent of individual possession of firearms, not only in times of war, but also in times of peace. During WWII he was a sergeant in the Home Guard, which he attempted to make into a good fighting force against the foreign enemy, and which he envisioned would afterwards become "a democratic People's Army". In such a force, co-operation among different parts of society would replace the traditional reliance on upper-class leadership and a large, well-armed popular militia would act as a sort of insurance policy against government tyranny at home.

In his youth, and well into manhood, Orwell was still experimenting with gunpowder and explosives. Even after becoming a famous author - and while writing "1984" - one of his many pastimes was making his own bullets - literally and literaturely.

This section of Orwell Today will include articles relating to Gun Control - which is unilateral disarmament of the people - perpetrated by the government in the name of "keeping good people safe from bad people".~ Jackie Jura


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A professor at Emory University - who won the highest honour that can be bestowed on an academic work of history - cited archives that didn't exist or did not show what he said they showed. For anti-gun Americans he was an intellectual hero. He won the Bancroft prize in 2001 for his book ARMING AMERICA: THE ORIGIN OF A NATIONAL GUN CLUTURE. It purported to be a close study of gun ownership in 18th-century America. His research gave strong support to the anti-gun point of view... When facts proved him a liar and his work a fraud, he fired off one excuse after another. Embarassed, the University requested an independent investigation by a panel of historians. The panel released its report on Friday. It concluded "...Every aspect of his work is deeply flawed. His scholarly integrity is seriously in question." He resigned his position the same day. From the start, Bellesiles' assertions were highly implausible. No guns in 18th-century America? Nobody who has looked at an 18th-century painting or read an 18th-century book could believe it. How could such an assertion get past a publisher or the Bancroft prize-givers? We know the answer. They believed it because they wanted to believe... They could not have been so easily lead astray had they not first shut their eyes.

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Jackie Jura
~ an independent researcher monitoring local, national and international events ~