To Orwell Today,

Curiosity got the best of me and I finally downloaded this game. I agree with your pre-assessment. This has Big Brother's fingerprints all over it. One of the first things I noticed is that the background noises from the crowd are loaded with subliminal messages saying things like "this is real" and "it's totally accurate".

Although they made it seemingly impossible to duplicate the Warren Commission findings exactly for the full 1000 point score, they made it easy to get results that look a lot like the Zapruder film with a score around 450. It looks like the Zapruder film because the characters behave the same way even when shot in different places. Look at the videos kids are posting on youtube from this game and your statements about Orwellian demoralization of youth are confirmed. Then when you read all of the comments from kids convinced that this game proves Oswald the lone gunmen, you'll want to cry like I did. But wait, there's more.

Another thing I found interesting is that in this game, the bullets can go through ANYTHING. The exact magic bullet scenario may be difficult to impossible, but firing one shot through Kennedy and Connaly is as easy as Pong. The challenge is that the magic bullet usually kills Connaly, costing the player points.

One thing about JFK Reloaded that is true to history is that once you start shooting at the president, the Secret Service agents don't do a damn thing to get him out of harm's way. That, in my mind, has always been the most convincing evidence of a conspiracy, but kids today don't seem to think there's anything suspicious about it. Perhaps the game would have more value if the player didn't have to be Oswald, but could play the role of limo driver William Greer assigned to keep the President out of harm's way. Of course that would be the easiest driving game of all time, but it would give these kids some perspective beyond what they see through the rifle scope.

I'd like to uncover the mystery behind this company Traffic Games, which is allegedly from Scotland and has only produced this one game. If you go to their website here's all it says:

"TRAFFIC" is a creative agency born out of the commercial videogame industry. We specialise in the creation of original branded content across all interactive platforms. Contact us: All your brands are belong to us (sic)".

Even with the grammatical error that last part should scare everybody. I find it interesting (but not surprising) that the designers are the same people behind Rockstar Games like the Grand Theft Auto series and State of Emergency. I can't help but think Traffic Games is a front for something much larger and it's definitely worth looking into. If you know anyone with information on this, I'd love to hear back.

-Dan Erwin

Greetings Dan,

That is very interesting that the people who made JFK RELOADED also made GRAND THEFT AUTO.

And the people who made GRAND THEFT AUTO are the same people who made MANHUNT, about which I've posted articles. See MANHUNT SLAUGHTER BUFFET and VIDEO MIND GAMES.

These horrific video games are obvious prolefeed productions from the Ministry of Truth (Lies) where "anonymous, directing brains co-ordinate the whole effort", as Orwell so described. They must be members of the secret Brotherhood and committed to "corrupting the minds of children and destroying the societies in which they live".

All the best,
Jackie Jura

PS - Not that long ago a reader sent me some photos he'd taken at Dealey Plaza, one of which was taken from the window above the alleged "sniper's nest" and it shows how much the tree obstructs the view. There's also a photo of said sniper's nest (encased in glass) taken from near the doorway of the 6th floor, and an incredibly good photo showing the spot where JFK received the fatal shot, looking toward the picket fence, behind the corner of which the guy who fired the fatal shot was standing, and also shows very well the concrete pillar on which Zapruder was standing. See JFK DEALEY PLAZA PHOTOS

PPS - An amazing calling card (among many) left by the "anonymous, directing brains" who co-ordinated JFK's assassination was that they did it in a placed named "Dealey" which is the name of the man who owned the Dallas Morning News newspaper (which ran the black-bordered hate-ad against JFK that morning) who hated JFK with a passion.


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