To Orwell Today,

Hello Jacky,

I'm a rwandan and I have bean reading about you and the love you have for Rwanda in general, and president Kagame in particular. It is well and good!

Although, I don't share all your views about the leadership in Rwanda, after reading what Aurore wrote and your response, it left me speechless:

Here are my two reasons:

1. Fact #1: You wrote and I quote: "Gee, you're pretty hard to please if the man who stopped the slaughter of your fellow Rwandans isn't good enough, in your opinion, to rule the country".

Well, first of all, president Kagame and its APR army, didn't STOP THE SLAUGHTER. Rather, he defeated the genocidaire's regime. There is a big difference!! As matter of fact, you could not find a single prefecture, a single commune or a single cellule or village that was spared. So when someone says that the genocide was stopped, it makes me angry. It makes me angry, simply because no village was spared. It makes me angry because these who did have a power to stop the genocide did not use it, including RPF.

This is a public record: last year, on BBC, Mr Sebasoni - an advisor in the RPF secretariat, clearly stated that RPF was not on the RED CROSS mission. Meaning that its main purpose was not save people, rather to win the war. And it did. Let keep that way, let give credit where it is due! RPF succeeded on winning the war and took the power. That was its main purpose.

2. Fact # 2: You said and I quote: "On the contrary, he didn't seek leadership and didn't take leadership until a subsequent election, by which time he was in popular demand by the nation". It seems that you have been listening to few people and you have it all wrong.

The fact of the matter is, Kagame wanted the power, and that was only and sole purpose. Here are some key points you should look into:

- In 1994, after RPF won the war and drove away the militia/transition gvt, the RPF leadership appointed president Pasteur Bizimungu to the highest position - the presidency. But, since they - RPF - was not ready to let him have the reign of the country, they created a vice president position and it went to Paul Kagame. This was not in written in where, whether be the "fundamental law" or the Arusha accord.

- In 1996, when Rwanda decided to invade Congo, Paul Kagame - then vice president - took a decision to attack, without consulting or even informing his president as a commander in chief. When the news hit the air waves, president Bizimungu was chocked - took a note of it and decided to move on.

- In 1999, when the transition period was approaching (previously was set for 2000), Paul Kagame started to make his moves, knowing that, he will have the best chance to stand elections as a president rather than being vice president (that is when the troubles for Pasteur Bizimungu started)

- In March 2000, president Bizimungu was forced to resign (you probably heard about Bizimungu's resignation speach. If you did not hear about it, let me know, I have a copy). After Bizimungu resignation, and since the senate president was supposed to take over, Paul Kagame forced the new elected senate president to give up the position and let him took over. That is how Kagame become acting president until he was confirmed in April 2000. After he took the reign of the presidency, the vice presidency position become history - and nobody raised a finger.

- In 2003, the so called democratic elections, were in fact flawed presidential elections. In fact, in one of the provinces - Gisenyi - Kagame was elected at 101 %. Go figure!!

Mrs Jura, I can go on and on, point per point, showing you that, president Kagame was all along after power. That is why, president Kagame, under any circumstances, will physically eliminate whom ever speaks out against him or challenge his leadership. If that is what you call democracy, I will only say, that, as rwandans, we learned NOTHING from the previous regimes, and we learned NOTHING after losing 1 million innocents people.

So, dear Jacky, I understand what position you are in. Yes, you are a good person, a caring person. A person with a good heart. Sympathetic of the rwandans people and its leaders. BUT, let me tell you one thing, rwandan situation is very complicated, and the only way one can help, is to be neutral. Listen, listen,....., and listen and then speak.

That is my two cents contribution.

Take care and wishing all the bests,
Hiram G.

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Jackie Jura
~ an independent researcher monitoring local, national and international events ~