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I've been interested in events like 9/11 and the moon landing videos since, well since I saw 9/11 on TV. I was, let me think back now, 13, I was 13 in 2001. And even I saw inconsistancies, but (pardon the spelling, I'm in college now, all prerequisite classes still though) childish ones.

The one that clings with me the most is: Why is this being shown on every station everywhere all over the world? FAST FOWARD (tape sound): I relize it was exactly what I thought as I developed into a young man of 20 now.

Most people love fantastic stories that give them a cause. Pearl Harbor, the Reichtstag. The powerful are just as corrupt as the powerful ever were, thus the wonderful saying, "Absolute power corrupts absolutely".

Anyways, more to the point. I understand your research. I am just like you no matter your age. I've done extensive research tho sadly all internet research. I thought you would like to view this doc (tho I bet you've seen it) and maybe we could develop a rapport, write notes, whatever. Anyways, here is the link:


It's a production shown on the Fox network with of course all the mumbojumbo at the beginning saying, "Yah it's on our network but here at Fox we believe the government. This is just for the people that wanted it. We don't believe the moon landing is a hoax" lol red tape.

On another subject I'm studying film (not yet, after the prereqs :( ). I hope to do some documentaries that only some people have jerked off about (sorrry the crudeness if that bothers u). I wish to revolutionize the idea of information by showing people they are few and we are SO fu**ing many. That's what people don't understand, is that every army in the world is only a portion of a population that can hold a gun.

Anyways have a nice day and I hope to hear from you soon,

Greetings William,

Thanks for your comments and for sending the link to that DID WE REALLY LAND MEN ON THE MOON documentary.

Actually, I hadn't seen it before and found it incredibly informative. Some of the commentary from the NASA people interviewed (and the interviews with the astronots) reminded me of the lyrics to THE MOON SONG, by Dave Hook, which I posted on the web in February 2004 but didn't link the music to.

Dave Hook had the soundtrack to THE MOON SONG on his website but his website's been 'off the air' for around three years and his email doesn't connect either. I don't even know if Dave is still on the planet, battling, as he was, a brain tumour at the time, along with winning awards for stand-up comedy and researching cell-phones and conspiracy theories like the Moon Hoax, JFK Assassination, 9/11 etc, etc.

Dave sent me a copy of his CD (autographed) back in 2004 (for which I sent him a JFK T-Shirt in return) but I've never had the tech-savvie to upload audio from the CD onto the website.

Then thinking of Dave Hook's moon hoax song yesterday [December 15, 2008] - and wishing I had an audio link for "Orwell today" readers - I went google searching to see if one now existed. And lo and behold, one does! And WOW, it's fantastic - the best possible music-video rendition to the song imaginable. But no wonder, it's done by a third generation moon hoax conspiracy theorist:

The Moon Song, on You Tube by Jarrah White of JW Studios (bringing you quality music videos, animations, redubs and Apollo Moon Hoax documentaries by The Grandson Of The Apollo Hoax Theory)

Godcidently, your email about DID WE REALLY LAND ON THE MOON arrived on the 40th anniversary of the APOLL0 8 mission and there was a public celebration attended by many of the astronots (including moonwalkers Armstrong & Aldrin from APOLLO 11). I've linked to the article below and also to one about a 3-D animated DVD that's just come out for young kids entitled FLY ME TO THE MOON.

All the best in your studies and future films,
Jackie Jura

40th anniversary Apollo 8 celebrated
by Cindy Pedersen, Aviation News, Dec 14, 2008
The San Diego Air and Space Museum honored Frank Borman, James Lovell Jr. and William Anders for the milestones they achieved as the first humans to travel to the moon and back in a capsule the size of a Volkswagen front seat. It was a historic evening that allowed a sold-out crowd of guests to mingle with numerous astronauts and NASA dignitaries; see students receive awards from the Ford Motor Co. for their Green Energy Ideas; hear the Apollo mission's technical background from Glynn Lunney, NASA Flight Director; listen to Borman's, Lovell's and Anders' recollections woven with humorous anecdotes; and share their unique perspective on Earth and its place in the universe.

Neil Armstrong, the first human to set foot on the moon, was on hand to explain the importance of the Apollo program and the pivotal role the Apollo 8 trio played. "Frank, Jim and Bill, thank you. I salute you." Apollo 8 was an important prelude to actually landing on the Moon. It achieved many firsts, including the first manned launch from NASA's new Moonport, first manned mission to leave the earth's gravitational field and reenter the earth's atmosphere at tremendous speeds, first pictures taken by humans of the Earth from deep space, and first live TV coverage of the lunar surface. A Christmas Eve reading from the book of Genesis from Apollo 8 was heard by an estimated 2 billion people. The evening concluded with recognition of the three wives, all of whom have been married to their high-school sweethearts for over 50 years. Other astronauts in attendance besides Armstrong were Gene Cernan, Buzz Aldrin, and Alan Bean.

Fly Me To The Moon, 3-D DVD. Monsters & Critics, Dec 9, 2008
A trio of flies decides to hitch a ride on the next moon launch in 1969....They hitch a ride in the helmets of Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin (who appears in live action at the end of the film to say that there were no flies on Apollo 11. I smell a government cover-up), and Michael Collins wearing their homemade spacesuits. The boy’s parents are in shock and watch them as the mission is broadcast on television. They’re not the only ones watching as in Cold War Russia fly general Poopchev (Ed Begley Jr.) sees the flies and can’t stand it that they’ve beat Russian flies to the moon. So he sends operative Yegor (Tim Curry) to sabotage the mission from mission control. However, a Russian fly named Nadia (Nicolette Sheridan) has a connection to Grandpa and races to stop the sabotage of the mission....)


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