"The proles, normally apathetic about the war,
were being lashed into one of their periodical frenzies of patriotism."


"A new poster had suddenly appeared. It had no caption, and represented simply
the monstrous figure of a soldier, three or four metres high,
striding forward with expressionless face and enormous boots,
a sub-machine gun pointed from his hip.
The thing had been plastered on every blank space on every wall,
even out numbering the portraits of BIG BROTHER."

To Orwell Today,

You are perhaps the greatest fool on the net. Nkunda is a modern day rogue and none the less he only does harm to his own people. Nobody in the Congo knew what or who a fucking tutsi was until the refugees started swarming in mass into congo after the genocide. The tutsi don't even account for 3% of the congolese pop. Now all the attention from the largely Bantu and Adamawa people of the congo is focused on the Tutsi as a bunch of hooligans who have no loyal or patoric backbone in them. They sit and let foreign government rule their unloyal and heathen like hearts into the massacre of 5 million people. They claim to be victims of a modern day genocide, but the jews were never oppressors of the germans. The Hutu had all rights to uplift themselves from their oppressor. Label it genocide, I call it a just slaughter. The congolese people have a wide and open eye. It's a country of 400 ethnic groups of which only 5 are nilotic. Adamawa and Bantu people can settle their differences. The ignorant nilotic or whatever the tutsi claim leans toward, will not lead to a war in the new united congo but bring tryanny and chaos to rwanda, uganda, burundi, and eventually kenya where this bantu and nilotic conflict begins. The united congo will not sit idle and watch a group of unloyal, unpatoric, and UnCONGOLESE fool try to create chaos in the homeland. Support your Museveni, Nkunda and Kagame, but know that the tutsi or ankole have created an enemy in every nation in africa, and the genocidal claim does not flow anymore.

-Kyungu Kikudji

Greetings Kikudji,

I guess - in your opinion - a Westerner like myself is not entitled to an opinion on what is done with the United Nations army in the Congo that America contributes $100 million taxpayer dollars a year to fund, and off which live 19,000 so-called "peacekeepers" there.

You hate Nkunda for his ethnicity which happens to be Tutsi, but you don't mention which of the 400 other Congo ethnic groups you belong to.

You call me a fool for defending Nkunda when the rest of the internet is against him but perhaps I have a greater understanding of the situation there than most people and am therefore forming an educated opinion. See CONGO WOLVES ON NKUNDA.

Goma Women Goma Field

Goma Bike Goma Church

I have been to the very area - Goma in the Congo - near where Nkunda and his people live and previous to that I read extensively on the history of the Congo - up to, including and beyond the assassination of Patrice Lumumba - a person you probably also hate, and one who the forces of the government, the United Nations and other ethnic groups in the Congo were aligned against - as they now are against Nkunda. See GOMA'S LUMUMBA VOLCANO and JFK CRIED FOR CONGO and SLEEPING ON LAVA IN RAIN.

In "1984" Orwell said that whenever BIG BROTHER chose a new enemy, the MINISTRY OF TRUTH (LIES) lashed the masses into frenzies of hate against him. That's what the UNITED NATIONS - the Big Brother organization that uses its army to prevent peace and wage war - is doing in the Congo now - using the international media as its mouthpiece. It's whipping up hate against Nkunda and few - besides myself, "the greatest fool on the net" as you say - seem to be speaking out against it. See Orwell's themes 2.Big Brother and 16.Ministry of Truth (Lies) and 36.Hate Week

As a reader of my ORWELL TODAY website you must be familiar with the hundreds of articles I have posted about the genocide in Rwanda. You can see them listed under my original RWANDA'S GOOD MAN KAGAME article.

I am therefore not fooled about what the Hutus did to the Tutsis in Rwanda or about what the Hutus plan to do to the Tutsis in the Congo - if they can get rid of the only obstacle standing in their way, ie General Laurent Nkunda. These genocidal Hutus - who Kabila and the United Nations are siding with - have been training in the Congo all these years - starting in the refugee camps in Goma where we Westerners provided a million dollars a day in aid to the United Nations for their benefit. See CAMP GOMA MAFIA HOTEL

You say you hadn't even heard of Tutsis until after the Rwandan genocide and now that's all you hear about. Well, until the Hutus who killed the Tutsis in Rwanda ran into the Congo, the Tutsis there lived in relative peace. Apparently Mobutu - as bad as he was - didn't allow Hutu genocidaires on his soil, as does the present government of Kabila, in spite of signing Great Lakes treaties promising to rid Congo of its genocidal Hutus.

The United Nations chose the Hutu side in the 1994 genocide in Rwanda and they are obviously repeating themselves in the upcoming 2008 genocide in the Congo. It is my hope that by speaking out against the slaughter before it begins, there will be a chance of avoiding it. If not, then afterwards, no doubt there will be millions of words spent by others on armchair analysis with empty vows of "Never Again" and more funding to the UN peacekeepers who should rightfully be called warmongers and dismantled for their never-ending corruption and ineptitude in fulfilling their reason for existence. See UN PEACEKEEPING NOT KEEPINGPEACE

Jackie Jura

PS - Speaking of fools, there's an old adage - coined by Abraham Lincoln, one of America's two most beloved presidents (the other one John Fitzgerald Kennedy) - that goes:

"You can fool some of the people all of the time,
and all of the people some of the time,
but you can not fool all of the people all of the time."

As far as what is going on in the Congo against Nkunda - not all of "we the people" are fooled.


Hundreds march against rebel Nkunda. VOA, Dec 7, 2007
In recent weeks civil society leaders in the provincial capital of Goma have been speaking out against Nkunda while government troops have clashed in deadly battles with his troops just outside the city. Demonstrators on motorcycles, bicycles and on foot carried banners across the city, finally stopping in front of the military headquarters. The civil society leaders and others who joined in the march say they are showing their support for the government offensive to rout out the renegade general Laurent Nkunda....Marchers called for Nkunda to step down, to turn himself in - some called for his death....Government military officials say they are using about 20,000 soldiers to combat Nkunda's rebels. Monday and Tuesday the offensive pushed the rebels out of towns they had previously held for some time.

UN joining attack against Tutsis (siding with genocidal Hutu forces) & Nkunda still desires peace talks ('trouble is gov't & UN impose war') & Congo/UN/Hutu armies attacking Nkunda (heavy artillery & backup helicopters) & Nkunda must leave Congo says USA (surrender & go into exile or face bloody violence from UN) & Force against Nkunda catastrophic (dwarf every crisis on continent). VOA/BBC/AFP/NewTimes, Dec 3-5, 2007

Jackie Jura
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