Map Rwanda

Saturday, July 1st to Wednesday, July 12th, 2006
~ by Jackie Jura

1. RWANDA ARRIVAL                                                2. KIGALI GENOCIDE MEMORIAL


5. SOCCER BALL GIVE-AWAY #1                                 6. AMAHORO CELEBRATIONS PRELUDE

7. RWANDA LIBERATION DAY 2006                              8. RECEPTION FOR H.E. KAGAME

9. GENOCIDAL SAINT FAMILLE                                   10. SOCCER BALL GIVE-AWAY #2

11. THE INFORMER & TEN BELGIANS                          12. THE REAL HOTEL RWANDA

13. ON THE ROAD TO AKAGERA                                 14. SOCCER BALL GIVE-AWAY #3

15. VISITING VILLAGE WOMAN                                  16. AKAGERA GIRAFFES & NOMADS

17. MUTWARE & THE BABOONS                                 18. AKAGERA LODGE & IGISORO

19. SOCCER BALL GIVE-AWAY #4                              20. CHURCH, TEMPLE & MEMORIAL

21. MURAMBI MASSACRE MEMORIAL                         22. SOCCER BALL GIVE-AWAY #5


25. SOCCER BALL GIVE-AWAY #6                               26. QUIET BLUE LAKE KIVU

27. GOMA'S LUMUMBA VOLCANO                          28. SOCCER BALL GIVE-AWAY #7

29. TALKING WITH TITO                                            30. OUT OF AFRICA

If human beings had the power to make wishes for their lives and then live up to them, life wouldn't be half as interesting. We'd wish for things that weren't nearly as wonderful as the things that come along that we never wished for.

Sometimes bad things happen in life, things that a person would never have wanted, or wished on anyone else, and out of these less than desirable events comes something wonderful that would never have happened without the preceding un-wonderful event. In other words, sometimes we don't make decisions in our life but instead are victims of decisions made by some greater force which puts obstacles in our path which cause us to stop, go through, over or around, and which, when all is said and done, we are glad for having had the experience, because responding to its challenges has helped us grow and fulfill our individual destiny.

I feel that my going to Rwanda is one of those unasked for wonderful events that I have just described above. Never, in all my years of traveling, did I go to Africa, and neither was I planning such a trip for the future.

But twelve years ago an event happened in Africa, in the country of Rwanda, which caught the attention of the world - including myself - and since that time I have been interested in that country and have watched-out for it from afar.

Then, just over two years ago, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of The Genocide, I was inspired to share what I'd learned about that country, its leader and its people with Orwell Today readers in RWANDA'S GOOD MAN KAGAME.

And, due to the magical way the world-wide-web brings us all together, my writings were read by people in Rwanda, and they started communicating with me, and encouraging me to keep truth-speaking about their country. Eventually, this exchange of emails developed into a feeling of friendship and comraderie which made me feel drawn to visit Rwanda in the flesh.

And, this past July (beginning on the first and finishing on the twelfth), that path taken twelve years ago - to follow Rwanda's story - resulted in the once-in-a-lifetime (at least, that's what I think) trip to Africa to see that little equatorial country there.

Now I would like to share my experiences and observations (and photos) with Orwell Today readers, as part of fulfilling my destiny of reading, writing and wandering about Rwanda. God only knows, but maybe my story will inspire others to travel to this land of A Thousand Hills to feel for themselves the beating heart of Africa. ~ Jackie Jura

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map at top of page from the coffee-table book "Rwanda Nziza" (Beautiful Rwanda)


Jackie Jura
~ an independent researcher monitoring local, national and international events ~