White Men Stupid


"Every time I see a white guy walking towards me, I tense up....
White people scare the crap out of me.
Every mean word, every cruel act,
every bit of pain and suffering in my life
has had a Caucasian face attached to it."
~ Michael Moore

Today [March 24, 2003] a reader sent me an article describing Michael Moore's acceptance speech at last night's Academy Awards*. She asked me to post it on my site. I guess she thought I'd approve of Moore, seeing as how he's against the war in Iraq and Orwell Today is against the war in Iraq. But she's wrong.

In my opinion Michael Moore (who may be Jewish) despises Western Civilization and would like to see it replaced with Eastern UNcivilization, more specifically, the Soviet Union or others of its ilk.

Moore pretends to care for the hundreds of thousands of American troops who are in Iraq fighting someone else's war, but that's a lie. Ever notice how it's always North American boys who are sent to die for Middle East power brokers?

Michael Moore is the much feted author of books and documentaries that trash Western culture. He blames guns for the massacre at Columbine and white men for the rest of the world's evils. His book "Stupid White Men" is an international best seller - even winning awards in England**.

As any smart man knows - regardless of his race - a book entitled "Stupid Black Men" or "Stupid Indian Men" or "Stupid Asian Men" or "Stupid Arab Men" or "Stupid Jewish Men" would not be tolerated. Its author would be hauled before a hate-crimes tribunal in two seconds flat and thrown in the slammer.

Here are some excerpts from STUPID WHITE MEN, by Michael Moore:

" ...I don't know what it is, but every time I see a white guy walking towards me, I tense up. My heart starts racing, and I immediately begin to look for an escape route and a means to defend myself... Now the white person is coming closer, closer - and then - whew! He walks by without harming me, and I breathe a sigh of relief.

...White people scare the crap out of me... You can take my word for it: if you find yourself suddenly surrounded by white people, you better watch out. Anything can happen ... Every mean word, every cruel act, every bit of pain and suffering in my life has had a Caucasian face attached to it.

...Recently, a headline on the front of the Science section of the New York Times asked Who Built The H-Bomb?... 'It was a white guy!' ...it's always the white guy. Let's go to the tote board:

- Who gave us the black plague? A white guy.
- Who invented PBC, PVC, PBB, and a host of chemicals that are killing us? White guys.
- Who has started every war America has been in? White men.
- Who invented the punchcard ballot? A white man.
- Whose idea was it to pollute the world with the internal combustion engine? Whitey, that's who.
- The Holocaust? That guy really gave white people a bad name.
- The genocide of Native Americans? White man.
- Slavery? Whitey!
- US companies laid off more than 700,000 people in 2001. Who ordered the lay-offs? White CEOs.

...You name the problem, the disease, the human suffering, or the abject misery visited upon millions, and I'll bet you 10 bucks I can put a white face on it faster than you can name the members of 'NSync."~ [end quoting from Stupid White Men, by Michael Moore]

An internet search into the origins behind the events mentioned in the above excerpt will uncover the truth behind the atrocities Moore blames on "Whitey".

Smart white men would be wise to look elsewhere than Hollywood for portrayal of their version of the world.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

* Report from LA on surreal Oscar night. London Guardian, Mar 24, 2003
Phew. If there was an Oscar for most outspoken acceptance speech at time of war, Michael Moore would have another statuette to place alongsidse his award for best documentary. The maker of Bowling for Columbine, the film about gun violence in the United States, came out blasting with both barrels in Hollywood last night after the announcement of his prize had brought the audience in the Kodak theatre to their feet... It was a surreal night. A night of no red carpet but of orange alert. At one stage, the broadcast of the ceremony cut from the presentation of the award for best animated short film to ABC news coverage of bullet-riddled American planes returning to base in Iraq. News of battlefield casualties interpsersed tributes to the skills of make-up artists. Moore was not the only winner to make his feelings clear... Adrien Brody won the best actor Oscar for The Pianist... Roman Polanski won the best director's prize for The Pianist, an award which on any other night would have been the main event. He was not present to receive it becasue he is still a wanted man in Los Angeles where he is yet to be sentenced for a statutory rape conviction in 1977. But Ronald Harwood won the best adapted screenplay Oscar for the film and said "Roman Polanski deserves this." ...Steve Martin told some good jokes; he started the evening by saying how nice it was that all the proceeds for the night would be "divided up amongst huge corporations". And war or no war, 30 second commercial spots during the ceremony were still costing $1.35m each. Oh, and Chicago won best film.

** Stupid White Men wins Book of the Year award in Britain. The Guardian, Mar 1, 2003

The end of white America (after black-brown-yellow-red power movements white power movement doesn't sound good). The Atlantic Monthly, January/February 2009

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Read what America's world renowned industrial leader published in the Dearborn Independent, and which resulted in his being hauled through court and hounded to his dying day: THE INTERNATIONAL JEW, by Henry Ford, Sr.

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Oscar goes to war. Weekly Standard, Mar 24, 2003
...When Michael Moore won his Oscar for Best Documentary, he clambered onstage with a phalanx of non-beautiful people. His remarks are worth reproducing in full:

"I've invited my fellow documentary nominees on the stage. We would like to -- they're here in solidarity with me because we like non-fiction. We like non-fiction and we live in fictitious times. We live in a time where we have fictitious election results that elect a fictitious president. We live in a time where we have a man sending us to war for fictitious reasons, whether it's the fictition [sic] of duct tape, or the fictitious [sic] of orange alert. We are against this war Mr. Bush! Shame on you Mr. Bush! Shame on you! And any time you've got the pope and Dixie Chicks against you, your time is up! Thank you very much!!!"

...While Moore's tirade isn't worth dissection, the crowd's reaction is. The first section, about the 2000 election, received loud applause. The section on duct tape and orange alert received a mix of cheering and jeering and by the time he finished with his references to the Vatican and the Dixie Chicks, he was drowned in a chorus of boos... AS OUTRAGEOUS as Moore's behavior might seem, it isn't so bad: He was just playing to his audience. The people who pay to see Moore's movies and buy his books would have been upset with him if he hadn't caused a scene. For him not to have made a spectacle of himself would have been like Halle Berry showing up to the Awards in a trench coat -- in show business you have to display your assets...

Jackie Jura
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