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"Why They Can't Stand Us -- and Why the Feeling is Mutual"

To Orwell Today:

I really like your Warmonger against Peacenik dialogue but I don't understand what Canada making an effort for the country to be more bilingual has anything to do with 1984! Could you explain to me? Orwell described a world where the less language we had the least we could create arguments against the goverment. This is about opening up languages so we can communicate better and with more people!! Could you explain to me what the connection with Orwell is?


Greetings Gary,

Here in Canada we are an English majority governed by a tyranny of Frenchmen from Quebec who've been attempting to ram French down the throats of the masses for the past thirty years - on our dime of course. They themselves - including Jean Chretien, our pea-soup Prime Minister - are not bilingual. They speak a language that is part-English, part-French, and which I refer to as "frenchspeak".

For a greater understanding of what their pidgin English sounds like just turn on a Canadian news channel and listen the next time one of them is pontificating. We have frenchmen from Quebec (pronounced kaybec) in portfolios like Trade, Immigration, Justice etc etc. They make Canada the laughing stock of the world with their ridiculous misuse of the language, which renders what they are saying almost unintelligible and "narrows the range of thought" - just as Newspeak did in "1984".

Just as Newspeak was the language used by the Party in Oceania, Frenchspeak is the language used by the Party up here in Canada. The Party, as in "1984" is the Communist Party, the tenets of which are practiced here. They were put into practice by Pierre Trudeau - the frenchman from Kaybec who ran the country for twenty years or so and whose disciples run it now.

I hope this gives you a rough idea of why I compared "Frenchspeak" to "Newspeak". If you still don't understand I suggest you brush up on Canadian history and current events. We have forced-bilingualism up here, with language police and the whole nine yards.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

French Can't Stand The Arrogance of the French: Why They Can't Stand Us -- and Why the Feeling is Mutual, by Richard Z. Chesnoff, 2005 (France's attitude has always been a problem, explains Chesnoff, who has lived in France most of the past twenty years while writing for major American magazines and newspapers. He explains how the French really think and what drives their jealousy and arrogance....)

Rwanda says France should be tried, Eursoc, Dec 11, 2006
...Some observers, the BBC's man reports, haven't ever forgiven Kagame for snipping the cord of French influence in the region. Educated in English-speaking schools across the border in Uganda, one of his first acts as president was to change Rwanda's official second language from French to English. For France's Françafrique elite, that hurts. Perhaps, it appears, more than genocide.

60 MINUTES READING RWANDA (...The French Army were portrayed as conquering heroes coming to the rescue of Tutsis. The reason this bothers me is because it is a lie...)

Letter-to-the-editor, Ron, Captain (ret'd). National Post, Apr 14, 2005
Warrant Officer Roy Shaver suggests that one of the reasons Gen Dallaire was selected to lead the Rwandan mission may have been that he was perfectly bilingual. I would suggest that was the ONLY reason. I was in an Armed Forces conference room in 1975 when a policy was announced that would see francophones promoted over personnel above them on merit lists, in order to fill government-designated quotas. These quotas have since been surpassed. One wonders at the opportuniities denied by the unfair and immoral linguistic largesse that tilted the playing field and, if anything, has since mushroomed to unexplored heights of idiocy.

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Comedian's puppet insults Quebec: ('So you're French & Canadian, yes? So you're obnoxious & dull. You're in North America -learn the language.' Gov't says 'vile-vicious-hatemongering'). Can News, Feb 14, 2004. Go to 27.Goodthink & 18.Newspeak & GET A LIFE, EH? & STUPID WHITE MEN NOT

BIG BROTHER'S GOOFY I AM (Kofi Annan to address Canada Parliament to help UN with global challenges). Canoe News, Jan 23, 2004



PM unveils $751M plan to make nation bilingual. CanWest News Service, Mar 21, 2003
Calling it the next step on the road to becoming a truly bilingual nation, Prime Minister Jean Chrétien unveiled a wide ranging action plan yesterday designed to dramatically increase the number of Canadians who speak both English and French. Over the next five years, the government will spend $751 million on everything from education and health care to language courses for civil servants and community development. Of that budget, $642 million is new money and $109 million will be reallocated from other programs. By 2008, the government will be spending $736 million a year on official languages, compared to $574 million in 2000-2001 and $680 million before it slashed spending across the board to balance its budget.

Yesterday also marked one of the first times the federal government has acknowledged that Quebec's English community is in decline and needs its help. In recent years, the government has tended to focus its attention much more on the plight of francophones outside Quebec.The plan is built on three pillars -- education, community development, and making the public service more bilingual. Its philosophy is that language not a duty or a burden -- it's a key to international success. The plan also sets out to make the government more accountable. From now on, every decision the government takes will have to be screened for its impact on the language rights of Canadians and public servants.


Jackie Jura
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