Cows should "room and board" at feed lots instead of
"dining at home" in pasture
- quote from government bureaucrat

Food industry giants will benefit from the government's negligence in protecting Canada's agricultural resource. The government's actions and inactions in response to the food needs of starving animals is proof they are working toward the destruction of family farms and their replacement with factory farms.

Firstly they did nothing to mitigate the series of disasters that have occurred this past few years. Detrimental land management policies [environmentalists creating duck lakes; rivers not being diverted; underground water sucked up by oil industry, etc] combined with biblical weather disasters [drought, hail, floods, grasshoppers, and finally snow*] succeeded in destroying the hay crop. Then instead of responding to the starvation crisis by providing feed the government slowed-down the flow of donated hay by insisting that it be fumigated first [enriching the chemical giants] and by not paying for its transport, other than token loads good for nothing more than symbolism and photo-ops. They stooped so low as to actually involve themselves in a food lottery whereby desperate farmers were offered nothing more than a one-in-thousand chance of winning [if only we could feed the politicians that way].

And it isn't because they don't know any better. I can personally attest that I, as Susie Taxpaying Citizen, attempted to get them to act. In August I phoned the offices of the Minister of Agriculture and the Prime Minister to ask if they intended to respond to this emergency situation with hay and transport. Needless to say, I was given the total bureaucratic runaround - bouncing from voice-mail to voice-mail and from assistant to assistant in a never ending game of hot-potato. At no time did I ever reach a person of authority, and I was told they don't return calls.

In reality the government is playing right into the hands of the factory-farm proponents. As the following article attests, they are pleading a case for transporting cattle instead of transporting hay. Instead of bringing Mohammed to the mountain [ie the hay to the cattle] they're planning to bring the mountain to Mohammed [ie the cattle to the hay]. Instead of the cows living a natural life on a farm, eating the hay, barley and oats grown by the farmer, they'll be transported to massive feed-lots where they'll live a life like hogs and chickens now do - nothing more than eating machines being fattened up for slaughter - polluting the air and the water for miles. Farming, as we know it, will disappear and farmers will be redundant - joining the ranks of the other unemployed.

The destruction and takeover of family farms puts in place another plank of the CORPORATE COMMUNIST agenda - that being, as Orwell says, "the concentration of property in far fewer hands than before -- the new owners being a group instead of a mass of individuals". ~ Jackie Jura

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Feedlot owner terrorizes mayor (caught redhanded -still goes free). National Post, Sep 26, 2002
Feedlot owner is a powerful force in the cattle industry but the Mayor repeatedly stood in the way of his expansion plans. Mayor voted against building a feed lot on the land and twice opposed motions to sell the land to feed lot owner. The cattle-man and his son lured the Mayor to a motel under false pretenses in an extortion attempt - ie hoping he'd fall into bed with a woman hired to seduce him while the feed lot owner watched from the room next door connected to a camera in the clock. Suspicious Mayor arrived with assistant and RCMP and foiled plan... Until the conclusion of the trial the Mayor was unable to speak out to deny the numerous baseless accusations made about him - that he was a philanderer, a skirt-chaser, a tom-cat, a dope smoker, and even a "self-righteous Mennonite son-of-a-bitch."

Importing hay makes no economic sense (shipping cattle to food better option, experts say). Edmonton Journal, Aug 21, 2002
Some Alberta cattle producers have begun trucking their cows to feedlots and pastures in well-watered areas of Saskatchewan and Manitoba, where those cows will spend up to 220 days in winter quarters. Their owners will pay between $2 and $3 per day in room-and-board costs. Trucking costs in each direction would add another $50 per cow. The average cow "dines at home" on 30 lbs. of feed per day, farmers say.


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