The oligarchs are the lords of the earth.
Everything exists for their benefit.
The ordinary people, the workers - are their slaves. ~ 1984


(what Orwell called "Oligarchical Collectivism")

Since the events of 9-11 all governments of the civilized world have been treating their citizens to a dose of what people living under Communism experience. Just because they're doing it under the guise of "to keep us SAFE" doesn't make it any different from what it is. It's still Communism in one form or another.

Its form in our time is the worst of two evils. The worst of the left (iron-heel Communism) has joined together with the worst of the right (unfettered Capitalism).

It can be best described as COMMUNIST CAPITALISM because capitalist-owned corporations own everything - including ALL governments - and run them with COMMUNIST tactics.

In COMMUNIST CAPITALISM there are no borders. Politicians from Communist AND Capitalist countries are shareholders in multi-national corporations. They benefit financially and otherwise from policies dictated by Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) who, collectively, own everything in the world, coming and going.

In 1984 Orwell called the system OLIGARCHICAL COLLECTIVISM, because the oligarchs (another name for CEOs) collectively owned everything. He said: "The oligarchs are the lords of the earth. Everything exists for their benefit. The ordinary people, the workers - are their slaves."

All the best,
Jackie Jura, 2001

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SOMALIA HELL IN HORN (...Throughout it all, one organization - the CIA - is always involved. The intials "C", "I", "A", supposedly stand for "Central Intelligence Agency" but I think its true meaning is Corporate/Communist Invasion of America/Africa".)

CONGO IS LUMUMBA LAND ('It was perfectly clear to me,' said Richard Bissell later, 'reading some of the cables and also some of the minutes of at least one special group meeting, that Eisenhower certainly wanted Lumumba got out of the way. Put on a great deal of pressure to have it done.' Normally (if that is the word) a request for the assassination of a foreign leader would have been left in the hands of Richard Bissell. But Bissell was away on holiday, yachting peacefully off Connecticut, so Allen Dulles [director of CIA] told the President that he would personally see to the affair and would put Richard Helms in charge of the details. A few days later Helms produced a blueprint for the 'elimination'...)

JFK fired Allen Dulles (from the CIA in 1961 after discovering his role in the Bay of Pigs fiasco. Allen Dulles served on the Warren Commission that investigated the assassination of JFK in 1963. Allen Dulles' brother was Secretary of State under Eisenhower when the United States did nothing to help anti-communist uprisings in East Germany (1953) and Hungary (1956). See JFK FIRED CIA DULLES


USSR's bureaucrats rake in billions (bribes to avoid conscription, secure place in school, buy judge or medical treatment). Guardian, Jul 22, 2005. Go to RUSSIA IS HELL'S INFERNO

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Maytag selling to Communist China ("not an invasion of the USA but an escape from China"). DesMoinesRegister, Jun 23, 2005. Go to MAYTAG LONELY CHINAMAN NOW

USA okays IBM sale to China (in spite of industrial espionage & secrets passing to Chinese military). Guardian, Mar 10, 2005 & China textiles flood USA market (American manufacturing plants closing; thousands of jobs being lost). NewYorkTimes, Mar 10, 2005. Go to IBM = I-BE-MANDARIN & CHINA CLOTHES STRIP AMERICANS

China tourism deal is worth the wait (Canada gets Approved Destination Status). Toronto Star, Feb 15, 2005. Go to BEYOND ORWELL & THE CHINESE ARE COMING!

Norway's wolf hunt decried globally (wolf preservation now Sweden's responsibility). Washington Times, Feb 1, 2005. Go to WORLD WILDLIFE WOLF'S FRIEND

LNG plant more likely in Canada (communities more receptive than USA; people taught to 'see & learn' before 'misconceptions' are formed). National Post, Jan 30, 2005. Go to CANADA/USSR DEAL IN LNG

CANADA'S HUSKY BARKING CHINESE (Husky Oil Inc being sold to China & stock value rises at news). Globe & Mail, Dec 2, 2004

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Noranda/Minmetal deal sweet taste in mouth (victory celebration dinner held; Canadian wines banned). Globe & Mail, Oct 12, 2004

Canada/Russia sign gas plan (1st step in long-term relationship for Petro-Can & Gazprom)., Oct 12, 2004. Go to CANADA BUYING USSR'S GAS

China's disquieting bid for Noranda (Beijing making political demands of us while holding Canadian jobs hostage). Toronto Star, Oct 6, 2004 & Noranda's buyer a human rights abuser (China's Minmetal uses forced prison labour known to AFL/CIO & USA Congress). National Post, Oct 6, 2004. Go to 7.Systems of Thought & LAOGAI IS CHINESE GULAG

Keep Beijing out of Sudbury (security of USA & Canada at stake). National Post, Oct 1, 2004. Go to A NICKEL FOR YOUR KINGDOM

Petrocan CEO meets USSR oil exec (investing in USSR Liquified Natural Gas) & China feeds on Canada's resources (very hungry dragon demands copper-nickel-oil-gas-lumber etc). Globe & Mail, Sep 26, 2004. Go to CHINADA'S SOVIETIZATION

Drugs found on Prime Minister's ship (millions of dollars of cocaine attached to grate on bottom of boat named after wife). Canada Press, Jul 2, 2004. Go to 35.The Brotherhood & 10.Rulers & CANADA'S PM SHIPS COCAINE

CF-18 drops bomb on Yellowknife (while on way to watch Russian military exercises in Artic). CalgaryHerald, Jun 19, 2004. Go to RUSSIAN WAR GAMES ANYONE?

ORWELL'S PROLES (if only they could become conscious of their own strength). Apr 28, 2004. Go to 5.Pyramidal NWO & 23.Proles

We didn't ought to 'ave trusted those BIG BROTHER BUGGERS. Feb 9, 2004

Canada has a new prime minister (and didn't even have an election). Atlanta Journal, Nov 16, 2003. AMERICA'S MORONS

Czech teenagers are human torches (protesting money & power depravity & war, unemployment, poverty). Scotsman, Nov 9, 2003. Go to 9.Keeping Masses Down & GOOD KING WENCESLAS PLEASE LOOK OUT

Like old times in new Russia (ultra-rich businessmen oligarchs bought country's assets for song). Independent, Oct 25, 2003

Queen urges UK-Russia partnership (she "admires, respects & supports" Putin under the banner of the United Nations). BBC, Jun 24, 2003. Go to 10.The Rulers & 7.Systems of Thought & Putin a Harry Potter elf & RUSSIA IS HELL'S INFERNO

NEW SUPERMAN A SOVIET (Clark Kent a Commie created by Russian Jews). National Post, May 12, 2003. Go to WORLD DOMINATION IN 1984 & CANADA'S SOVIET SCHOOL

JFK & JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY (left & right hate equally). Go to 7.Systems of Thought

Boeing relocating in Russia/China (Americans training their workers)., Mar 5, 2003. Go to 11.Ministrty of Plenty (Starvation)

China's changes astonish Castro (Cuba increasing ties with Communists). Guradian, Feb 27, 2003. Go to COMMUNISM CUBAN STYLE

'Smart card' for crossing border (urged by Canadian business leaders, one of whom is future PM). National Post, Jan 15, 2003

More foreign students sought (already up 71% since 1998). National Post, Dec 3, 2002


Communist China opens doors to Capitalists (Globe-trotting business-men let the Party "harness" them). New York Times, Nov 4, 2002.

FBI opens office in China (to fight "war on terrorism")., Oct 24, 2002

China leader stops by NASA (given "VIP" tour). Houston Chron, Oct 24, 2002

Bush offers Putin support (solidarity for USA & Russia. Reuters, Oct 24, 2002

China & USA working together (to "promote peace & stability"). Reuters, Oct 24, 2002


N/Korea has nuclear bomb (Russia & China sent parts). London Times, Oct 19, 2002

USA built N/Korea's reactors (and supplied heavy oil). New York Times, Oct 19, 2002. Go to 6.Super States and WHERE WILL WEAPONS GO?

Starving time in Zimbabwe (bloody dictator-hard-core racist). Boston Globe, Sep 19, 2002. Go to 10.The Rulers and LENIN-LIKE LAND GRAB

Communist China & Canada "friends" (PM & Massacre general secretly meet). National Post, Sep 12, 2002. Go to 7.Systems of Thought

World Bank's WOLFensohn speaks (protects 50-M hectares Brazilian jungle from humans). Globe & Mail, Sep 7, 2002. Go to ANIMALISM

Israel/USA & Russia arming China (providing spy technology too)., Aug 31, 2002. Go to 6.Superstates

ANOTHER SNAPSHOT OF STALIN, (Evil Incarnate widely ignored). New York Sun, Jul 30, 2002

SNAPSHOT OF STALIN (regime of cruelty, madness and evil). National Post, Jul 21, 2002

Nepali leader says China to help fight Maoists (sheep paying wolves to protect them from wolves)., Jun 9, 2002. Go to LYING WITH WOLVES

Jackal blood makes 'sniffer' dogs (used at airports in Russia). BBC, May 9, 2002

Canada PM feted for helping Russia join G8 (Chretien & Rockefeller honoured by EastWest Institute with Global Leadership Award). National Post, Apr 17, 2002

~ A RANGER IN WOLF'S CLOTHING (protecting sheep-like Canadians). National Post, Apr 11, 2002 (intro by Jackie Jura)

Kissinger pushes US-China relations (has deals worth billions with communists)., Apr 15, 2002. Go to 7.Systems of Thought and 28.Reality Control

~ RUSSIAN SECRET SERVICE OPERATES SCHOOL IN CANADA (teaches Stalinist method to police & military elite)

Russia preparing to boost oil exports (may become main supplier of oil to USA). United Press International, Feb 4, 2002

Britain asks to use Communist bases (wants to deploy troops from inside China). The Times, Jan 31, 2002

Humans increasingly becoming the hunted (bear, shark, cougar attacks on the rise as people cross paths with predators. National Post, Jan 30, 2002

USA Medal of Freedom went to Communist (wrote 'Towards Understanding Karl Marx'). National Post, Dec 20, 2001

News Corp. to broadcast in China. Washington Post, Dec 19, 2001

Vietnam OK's historic agreement with USA. Financial Post, Nov 29, 2001

USA food sale hailed by Cuban Minister. Washington Post, Nov 29, 2001.

Pearson's gay ambassador to Moscow compromised Canadian security? National Post, Nov 28, 2001

Legendary spy carries secrets to his grave ('super-mole' headed Canada's spy agency?). National Post, Nov 27, 2001

Communist China will broadcast on USA TV. Financial Times, Sep 4, 2001

Jackie Jura
~ an independent researcher monitoring local, national and international events ~