The overtly graphic offending photos are
100 snapshots of naked South American men with erections...
in suggestive poses in front of a wall of female pinups...


"We had an officer go over and take a report and
that report was forwarded to our vice section and
they have determined there was not evidence
that would support a criminal charge."

"No discernment and no moral fibre" is how I heard someone describe the average North American citizen and the following story about a public art exhibit of naked gay men with erections sticking it to pin-up girls that has travelled the world for twelve years without even one complaint until it hit Regina puts real meaning to those words.

The planet has become a sadistic whore-house with the politicians and police in on the take of the powers-that-be who are "corrupting the minds of children and destroying the society in which they live". And all the while Susie Housecoat and Joe Sixpack say and do nothing while their children are abused by the culture. The children who survived the abortion gauntlet are now being purveyed on by perverts. The homosexual revolution we're experiencing now is just one small part of their evil destruction of decent human sexuality. ~ Jackie Jura

Renowned gay art exhibit prompts complaint in Regina, but police won't charge
Tim Cook, National Post, July 27, 2004

An award-winning exhibition that has appeared across Canada and been called a unique collection of contemporary gay-themed artwork has prompted a police investigation during its stop in Saskatchewan.

One part of the exhibit - a collection of photos showing aroused naked men lounging in suggestive poses - resulted in a complaint to authorities. Regina police spokeswoman Elizabeth Popowich confirmed officers investigated the display but said they were not planning to press charges. "We had an officer go over and take a report and that report was forwarded to our vice section," Popowich said. "They have determined there was not evidence that would support a criminal charge."

Still, the whole ordeal has created quite a flap. "We're really surprised," said Barbara Fischer, curator of the Blackwood Gallery at the University of Toronto in Mississauga, Ont. She helped compile what she calls the unique exhibition by General Ideas, a trio of Canadian artists who specialized in juxtaposing mass culture with elements of gay identity. Two of the artists - Jorge Zontal and Felix Partz - have since died. A.A. Bronson, born in Vancouver, still works out of Toronto and New York. "This exhibition has been travelling since January 2003," Fischer said. "It's been shown in over six venues now and nowhere has it caused a stir. All of a sudden people seem to have taken note of it differently." Bronson was caught off guard.

He said the offending portion of the exhibition - a piece entitled Maracaibo - has actually been shown to international audiences since 1992 and has never invoked this kind of response. "It's been shown all over the world for 12 years and this is the first complaint we have ever received," he said in a telephone interview from New York. "It is a provocative piece but I never would have expected any problems with the police."

The main concern in Regina is that the exhibit is displayed in a publicly run gallery, the Dunlop, which is in the same building as the public library. Library officials have also received complaints. One man, Dan Kozak, wondered why the photographs are considered "art." "I could go buy some pornographic magazines and find pictures that are identical except for the faces," he said.

The offending photos are the only overtly graphic part of the exhibit. They feature more than 100 snapshots of South American men - many of them with erections and posed in front of a wall of female pinups. The pictures were taken by a Venezuelan man who put them in an album. After the man died, General Idea came across the albums, took photos of them, and displayed their photos as art. Fischer explained the photos take the pop-culture sexuality of the pinups and contrast it with gay sexuality. "Part of it is also just the fluidity of sexuality," Bronson added.

But some people who have visited the gallery and recorded their comments in a book by the door weren't impressed. "I almost puked, but that would have been an improvement," wrote someone named Marc. "Quite frankly, I'm appalled," wrote another person named Ron.

The gallery has taken steps to make sure no one sees the exhibit by accident, and staff have hired a security guard to make sure the collection is protected. The gallery is usually one of the first things visitors see when they enter the library, but the windows are now papered over and a warning sign has been posted on the doors.

Library board chairwoman Darlene Hincks said officials will consider putting up a screen to shield people from the photos once inside the gallery. "We felt as a board we had to do something," Hincks said. "Although this exhibition is right across Canada, this is a public building and a public place. People bring their children to the library."

Fischer points out that a book featuring the collection has won awards, including the Melva J. Dwyer award for excellence in Canadian art publishing, given out by the Art Libraries Society of North America. The exhibition was put together through grants from groups that included the Canadian Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council and the Andy Warhol Foundation. It has already been shown at the University of Toronto and at galleries in Kingston, Ont., Montreal, Halifax and Hamilton without a whiff of objection, Fischer said. "Certainly what would be great is if this controversy brings to the fore issues of male sexuality and queer sexuality especially," she said. "I think that people will be curious about what has caused all the fuss and that might be great for the exhibition."

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