London Mascots


"a giant eye in a television-shaped head,
one of them even having what appears to look like
the "all-seeing eye"
from the U.S. one dollar bill"

To Orwell Today,

Hello, Mrs. Jura,

I wrote a few months back, submitting an article about copies of Animal Farm and 1984 being deleted from people's Kindle devices.

I have an article here I think you may find of interest. It is about the mascots for the 2012 London Olympics.

London unveils creepy-looking mascots for 2012 Olympics, YahooNews, May 19, 2010 (,242206)

I took a look at them and I thought they were a bit unnerving. For those familiar with symbolism, the symbols it looks like were incorporated here are so blatant as to seem almost arrogantly placed (few people will probably recognize them, at least immediately). Two anthropomorphic beings that consist each of a giant eye in a television-shaped head, one of them even having what appears to look like the "all-seeing eye" from the U.S. one dollar bill. The article actually says at one point:

"these two, uh, things take the absurdity to a whole new level. There's a complicated backstory to the characters which was written by a children's author. It explains why the mascots have one eye (it's a camera lens to see the world) and yellow lights on tops of their heads (an homage to London taxicabs), but fails to tell the tale of why they look like early rejects from a Pixar movie. Plus, the fact that some details are explained only makes me wonder about the things that aren't. Why does the one on the left look like it's wearing an oven mitt? Where are their feet? What, are both those design features a metaphor for how we can't run away from global warming?"

In some related news, New York City's mayor Bloomberg recently visited London and was being given a kind of tour/showcase by London's mayor of their "Ring of Steel", their massive surveillance system, and appears to be so enamored with the whole thing that he wants to get something similar set up here. New York City though already has been turning into London as regards the surveillance measures (cameras, posters and signs everywhere with big bold capital letters saying "IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING." Adding to this the recently "foiled" (i.e. staged event, set-up, or patsy) "Times Square Islamic Terrorist Bomber", and the fact that the mayor (who is very anti-firearms ownership, even noseying into other states) is here for an unprecedented third term (he got the state's election laws changed in order to do that) and it appears that NYC is fast in the process of becoming an Orwellian City.

I wish you all the best and hope you are well, and I'm glad the site is still up.

Thank You!
Jimmy Pantano

Greetings Jimmy,

Yes, those London 2012 Olympic Mascots are loaded with BIG BROTHER SYMBOLISM, including the rainbow backdrop and the place in London - Whitechapel (stomping ground of Jack The Ripper and Vladmir Lenin, among others) - where they made their debut.

Also, I couldn't help but notice, when watching the mascot promotional video, that the grandfatherly welder who created the TV-faced ingots is named "George" (as in George Orwell perhaps?) and the date "1948" (the year Orwell wrote "1984") is prominent on the trophy and photo allegedly inspiring one of the mascot names (although no doubt there's more to the names "Wenlock" and "Mandeville" than meets the eye).

Watch the Out Of A Rainbow video from the official London 2012 Mascot website.

The video is loaded with other symbolism too - ie rainbows, obelisks, domes etc - and perhaps (between now and 2012) someone will document the blatant and not-so-blatent hidden meanings behind the Olympic TV-CU mascots and their on-going world-wide travels.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

PS - The powers-that-be - adherents of the BIG BROTHER CONSPIRACY - use the Olympics (and UN and other political summits) as a tool to advance their agenda - both symbolically and literally. For the recent Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics they wired the city with thousands of surveillance cameras and literally set up martial law - with thousands of police and soldiers frisking people at every venue. See OLYMPIAN SECURITY ORWELLIAN GAME & AIRPORT NAKED-SCAN POLITICIANS

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HONOUR TERRY FOX NOT LENIN-MAO (..And why, during the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Olympics, wasn't Terry Fox honoured and symbolized above and beyond the nauseatingly stereotypical, politically-correct images of totem poles, bears, whales, sasquatches, marmots, moose, mounted police and the all-pervasive "inukshuks" - the statues made of stones that the Inuit use, or used to use, to find their way home on the barren Tundra. There's even one of those inukshuks in Stanley Park - standing 20 feet tall and weighing 70,000 pounds - where rightfully a statue of Terry Fox belongs....)

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PPS - Regarding your reference to Amazon removing Orwell's books from its electronic-book-reading device, I posted an interesting article related to that:

Orwell Bk Kindle Amazon's Orwellian Dilemma, Daemons Books, May 2010. See ORWELL COPYRIGHT COURT CASES

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