But while a little fish is being caught in Canada
(and the trial will cost taxpayers $4-million at least)
a HUGE fish is being let go in Tanzania.


He's the infamous "Mr Zed",
suspected of implication in the murder of Dian Fossey,
and brother of the wife of genocidal Rwanda ex-president Habyarimana
who herself is a fugitive from justice living free in Europe -
and who at one time lived in Canada,
and has a daughter who still does.

To Orwell Today,

Dear Jackie,

You have probably heard about a genocidaire getting caught recently in Canada.

RCMP arrest and charge alleged Rwandan war criminal after 6-year probe. Canadian Press, Nov 7, 2009

A few years ago there was this guy who was the first one to be apprehended by Canadian authorities. His name is Desire MUNYANEZA. He has since been sentenced to a lifetime term in prison.

And now there is this second one, whose name is Jacques MUNGWARERE. One thing which seems to be common in both cases is the way they get caught. They both get a very surprising encounter with Genocide survivors while using the public transportation system.

This Mungwarere case has attracted my particular attention because the person he met on the bus - the survivor of the genocide - is a person I used to have some discussions with on the WEB regarding the Genocide history.

Hiram GAHIMA and me used to have arguments about how the genocide ended. Gahima argued that the Genocide was never stopped - it was all but consumed. I would tell Gahima that the aim, and final objective of the genocide, was the full extermination of all TUTSIS in Rwanda. But since there were SURVIVORS - himself being one of them - therefore the TUTSIS were not all eliminated. I would often ask him to explain to me how it is the HUTU genocidaires did not finish their job? Did they change their minds along the way or did something make them unable to accomplish their ulitimate GOAL?

Hiram Gahima never really answered me on this one. He may have, but I do not recall exactly what he had to say. One thing I strongly told him was that since he was alive - as I myself am alive - then therefore the plan to exterminate all Tutsis from the earth, failed. And, if it failed, it was because of the RWANDAN PATRIOTIC FRONT.

Even up to this day, there are people who are dreaming about exterminating all TUTSIS in the Great Lakes region.

Happily we have some invincible fighters who are always ready to fight for the right cause. That is how people like Chairman Laurent NKUNDA MIHIGO are adulated from Djibouti, to the slums of Addis Ababa, passing by Asmara, all the way to MBARARA, RWAMAGANA, to the shores of Lake TANGANYKA, without forgetting the slopes of the KIVU VOLCANOES.

All the best,
Sharangabo Rufagari

Greeetings Sharangabo,

Yes, I had heard about that genocide suspect being arrested the other day:

RCMP arrest and charge alleged Rwandan war criminal after 6-year probe. Canadian Press, Nov 7, 2009 (...The RCMP war crimes unit would only confirm that Jacques Mungwarere was accused of committing an act of genocide in the area of Kibuye, Rwanda. The community is the capital of a western province and situated on a lake that borders Rwanda and the Congo. It was the scene in 1994 of a horrific massacre where at least 2,000 ethnic Tutsis died when bulldozers knocked down the church where they had sought refuge....)

Rwanda: Another Fugitive Arrested in Canada, New Times, Nov 9, 2009 (...Canadian police on Friday arrested Jacques Mungwarere, another Genocide fugitive who has been living in the North American country.... Mungwarera, who taught at school called ESPANA in the former Kibuye Prefecture, now in the Western Province, is accused of having participated in killing of Tutsis in four different areas. He participated in killings at Mugonero Hospital, Murambi Adventist Church, Gitwe Catholic Church and in Bisesero...)

Mungwarera's case stands out to me because the killings he's accused of happened at 7th Day Adventist churches in Mugonero and at Bisesero Hill - the same places in Kibuye where Elizaphan and Gerard Ntakirutimana - who I just finished writing about - committed their killings. See GENOCIDAIRES DENY RWANDA GENOCIDE.

Now, after reading that article you sent - about the Rwandan refugee, Hiram Gahima, who recognized the genocide suspect on a bus - it turns out that I've exchanged emails with him too. Here are the discussions, which you'll probably recall reading when they were posted back in April 2007:

Reader Hiram says Kagame and the RPF army didn't stop the genocide in Rwanda

NEUTRAL NOT RWANDA REPEAT (Jackie defends self over accusations from reader Hiram of not being neutral on Rwanda)

PRAY DON'T BE NEUTRAL (reader Pan says that Hiram, a survivor, has learnt nothing from the history of Rwanda... The 1994 genocide devastated the whole of Rwanda and inflicted indescribable damage to all Rwandans, but God knows what country Rwanda would be today if it had not been stopped. The RPA stopped the genocide when it disarmed the genocidaires it could get, and sent others and their French accomplices packing. In their Congolese jungles where they tried to raise their head for a comeback, they were neutralised, and let's hope RPA will continue to neutralise those who are still trying...)

Even though Kagame DID indisputably stop the killings of Tutsis by genocidal Hutus in Rwanda, there are people and organizations who try to discredit him for that. And now the same thing is happening to Nkunda, who was indisputably stopping the killings of Tutsis by genocidal Hutus in the Congo - until he was removed from the scene - and now he's being discredited by those same people and organizations.

Who is going to stop the killing now? And when?

Jackie Jura

PS - I notice in this morning's news that while a little fish is being caught in Canada (and the trial will cost taxpayers $4-million at least) a HUGE fish is being let go in Tanzania. He's the infamous "Mr Zed", suspected of implication in the murder of Dian Fossey, and brother of the wife of genocidal Rwanda ex-president Habyarimana who herself is a fugitive from justice living free in Europe - and who at one time lived in Canada, and has a daughter who still does.

Reader Hiram asks my thoughts on the Rwandan situation and Kagame

UN frees man convicted to 22 years for Rwandan genocide. BBC, Nov 16, 2009
Protais Zigiranyirazo, the brother-in-law of ex-Rwandan President Juvenal Habyarimana, had been found guilty of organising a massacre of 1,000 people.... Mr Zigiranyirazo told the BBC he would be seeking compensation for the eight-and-half years he had already spent in detention. Rwanda's justice minister told the BBC the government was very unhappy about the decision, but could not reverse the judgement. The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR), based in Tanzania, was set up to try high-profile genocide cases.... Meanwhile, the US ambassador for war crimes, Stephen Rapp, has called on the Kenyan authorities to arrest a key genocide suspect. The BBC's East Africa correspondent Will Ross says officials at the ICTR have long maintained that Felicien Kabuga is hiding in Kenya and that the Nairobi government is protecting him. Mr Rapp said he had received fresh reports that Mr Kabuga was in Kenya.... The calls for Hutu people to exterminate the Tutsis during the genocide were broadcast over Radio Mille Collines, which was headed by Mr Kabuga, a wealthy businessman....

Kenya shelters owner of Rwanda Hate Radio (imported millions of machetes from China). VOA, Nov 16, 2009
Kabuga was the founder and financier of Radio Milles Collines, notoriously known now as Radio Hate, which helped instigate thousands of Hutu Rwandans to turn against and kill their Tutsi neighbors. He is also accused of importing massive shipments of machetes for use in the genocide. The fugitive is believed to have entered Kenya during the presidency of Daniel arap Moi. A Kenyan journalist was mysteriously found dead in 2003, just days after publishing a piece about Kabuga's continued presence in the city....

Genocide Zed Genocide Zed Rwanda's notorious "Mr Z" let out of prison. AP, Nov 16, 2009
Rwandan genocide court overturns conviction of brother-in-law of former Rwandan president, Breaking News 24/7, Nov 16, 2009
Arusha, Tanzania (AP) - A U.N. appeals court on Monday overturned the conviction of the former Rwandan president’s brother-in-law, who had been sentenced to 20 years for organizing a massacre that left about 1,000 dead during the 1994 genocide. The judge said that serious errors had been committed during Protais Zigiranyirazo’s 2008 conviction and sentencing, and ordered him to be released immediately. Zigiranyirazo, 71, stood in disbelief in the courtroom on Monday. "God is great and justice has been done"," he told The Associated Press after the judge overturned the sentence. At least 500,000 ethnic Tutsis and moderate Hutus were killed during Rwanda’s genocide, which began after President Juvenal Habyarimana’s plane was brought down in April 1994. Zigiranyirazo, an influential member of the Rwandan government at the time, was his brother-in-law. In a 30-page ruling, the appeals court said Monday that it had reversed Zigiranyirazo’s convictions for genocide and crimes against humanity because those convictions had "violated the most basic and fundamental principles of justice". "In these circumstances, the Appeals Chamber had no choice, but to reverse Zigiranyirazo’s conviction," the ruling said. Judge Theodor Meron said the trial judgment had "seriously erred in its handling of the evidence." Lead defense lawyer John Philpot said that Zigiranyirazo, known as "Mr. Z," should be sent back to Belgium where he was arrested, or to France where his wife lives.

"I am extremely happy with the judgment, but the damage done must be reimbursed by the prosecution for the 8½ years spent in detention by Mr. Zigiranyirazo," Philpot said. According to the indictment, Zigiranyirazo was accused of leading a convoy that attacked Tutsis who were seeking refuge on a hill a few days after the genocide began. About 1,000 people were killed and the convoy later returned to attack survivors, the indictment said. Zigiranyirazo also was accused of ordering people to set up roadblocks as part of a campaign to kill Tutsis and of paying people to dig a mass grave.

The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, set up by the U.N. to try key suspects of the genocide, has convicted 39 people and acquitted seven. Trials are under way for 11 others, and 11 most-wanted fugitives are still on the run. The 1994 genocide began after Habyarimana’s plane was brought down by unknown assailants as it was approaching the Rwandan capital, Kigali. Burundi’s President Cyprien Ntaryamira also was killed. Both were returning from a regional peace meeting in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The killings spread across the country and lasted 100 days, until a Tutsi, Paul Kagame, led his rebel army to overthrow the Hutu government. Kagame is now Rwanda’s president.

Man charged in Rwandan genocide, Globe and Mail, Nov 11, 2009
It took the Mounties six long years of detective work - some of it 11,000 kilometres outside Canada - to gather the evidence behind the war crimes charge they laid this weekend against a 37-year-old Rwandan refugee in southern Ontario. The charge, announced Saturday, comes 5½ months after Canada convicted another Rwandan of genocide, its first ever successful prosecution of someone for crimes against humanity. In the latest case, Jacques Mungwarere, who has been living in Windsor, is the second person to be charged under Canada's eight-year-old Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act. Federal bureaucrats refuse to explain how Mr. Mungwarere ended up in Canada, citing privacy law. But a government official said he obtained refugee status more than half a decade ago. He claimed asylum in 2001 and was granted it in 2002, the source said, noting the Rwandan never obtained Canadian citizenship. "In all likelihood he would have entered Canada in 2000 or 2001 and made his refugee claim almost immediately," the government source speculated. The RCMP's War Crimes section alleges that Mr. Mungwarere committed "an act of genocide" in the Kibuye region of Rwanda during the 1994 mass killings that shocked the world. An estimated 800,000 ethnic Tutsis and moderate Hutus lost their lives in the slaughter.

The RCMP said War Crimes Section staff made three trips to Rwanda and one to the United States in the course of gathering evidence, trying to piece together stories that are now 15 years old. Crucial to the case are what the Mounties call "exhaustive interviews" with witnesses in Rwanda, Canada and the United States. "It's really important they be acknowledged. A lot of people are still scared for their lives as a result of what they witnessed in the 1990s," RCMP Sergeant Marc Menard said of witnesses who gave testimony. Canada has struggled in the past to convict former Nazis of genocide, but William Schabas, director of the Irish Centre for Human Rights at the National University of Ireland, said Ottawa is doing an admirable job of going after other cases. "Nobody's very good at this," he said of the global record. "Everybody talks about it. It generates more heat than light in terms of results," he said. "[These cases] are very daunting because you're going to go before a judge or jury that is not familiar with the country. It's pretty unusual stuff." Prof. Schabas said it's hard to estimate how many potential Rwandan war criminals Ottawa might be examining. "They've probably got a list of suspects that's between 10 and 25, but I am just guessing." It's unlikely, however, that more than a few will be successfully prosecuted given the daunting cost and time required in each case.

Ottawa has in the past come under criticism for not devoting enough funds to its war crimes unit, which has an annual budget of about $16-million. The trial that resulted in Canada's May, 2009, conviction of Désiré Munyaneza for his role in the Rwandan massacre cost $4-million, for example. The Harper government declined to comment on Mr. Mungwarere's case, but a spokesman for Immigration Minister Jason Kenney said in general the immigration system is too vulnerable to abuse. Alykhan Velshi, director of communications for Mr. Kenney, said this is why the Tories are planning to introduce reforms to the system. "All a war criminal, violent foreign criminal or terrorist needs to do is hop on a plane, come to Canada and say the magic word 'refugee'."

Close associate Habyarimana regime sentenced to 8 years prison (pleaded guilty to complicity in genocide). RadioNetherlandNews, Nov 11, 2009
. ...In 1994, Michel Bagaragaza was the head of OCIR-Thé, a lucrative parastatal controlling Rwanda’s national tea production. He was from the same region as then president, Juvénal Habyarimana, and described himself as a member of the “large akazu”, a name given to the group of people who were actually running Rwanda at the time. At the centre of the akazu were Habyarimana’s wife and her three brothers, including Protais Zigiranyirazo, also know as “Z”. It was because of Bagaragaza’s relationship with Z and other powerful members of the regime that he caught the interest of the Office of the Prosecutor. Bagaragaza said he knew who gave the order to kill several prominent members of the opposition in the early hours of April 7th, 1994. These murders were the first act of the mass killing campaign that engulfed Rwanda over the following three months and it has never been clear who ordered them. The information was so sensitive that it took two and a half years for Bagaragaza to reveal it to the prosecutor. Bagaragaza claimed that his good friend Pasteur Musabe, a powerful businessman close to Habyarimana’s family, was called by Z early in the morning on April 7th and asked to come to the presidential residence with money. There, Musabe said, Z ordered the presidential guard to go and kill the leaders of the opposition. When Musabe first told Bagaragaza about what he saw and heard on that day, another person was present, Juvénal Uwilingiyimana. In February 1999, Musabe was murdered in Cameroon. In November 2005, Uwilingiyimana was also found dead in a canal in Belgium, where he’d been meeting with the ICTR Prosecutor. Bagaragaza twice testified in Arusha against the once feared “Mister Z”. But the judges did not accept his evidence as it was deemed hearsay and nobody could corroborate it. From a legal point of view, the matter was clear. From a historical point of view, however, Bagaragaza’s allegation could possibly shed light on how events unfolded.

KABILA-CHINA-GORILLAS-NKUNDA (...That's why I was absolutely shocked when I read - not that long ago - that the same Hutus who masterminded the 1994 genocide of Tutsis in Rwanda were the ones who killed Dian Fossey and that the brother of Habyarimana's wife - Mr Zed - was behind it: "Protais Zigiranyirazo (born 1938) commonly known as Monsieur Zed ("Mr. Z"), is a Rwandan businessman and politician. He is the former governor of Ruhengeri prefecture in northwestern Rwanda. He has also been accused of collaborating in the 1994 Rwandan genocide and the 1985 murder of Dian Fossey. "Between 1974 and 1989 Zigiranyirazo served as governor of Ruhengeri. An ethnic Hutu, he was well-connected to the Hutu establishment of politicians, businessmen and military officers which then controlled Rwanda: he is the brother of Agathe Kanziga, wife of the late Rwandan president Juvénal Habyarimana, whose assassination on April 6, 1994 precipitated the events leading to the genocide. "In 1989 he resigned his position as prefect to study at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQÀM) in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He was expelled from UQÁM and from Canada in 1993 after being convicted of uttering death threats against two Tutsi refugees in Montreal, who "accused him of participating in the planning of ethnic massacres."...So, in murdering gorillas in the Congo now, the Rwandan Hutu genocidaires in exile - the FAR/FDLR - are up to their usual modus-operandi and must be stopped....)


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