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Although I don't write about it as much anymore I follow news of Rwanda and Congo every day. I went to Rwanda and Congo seven years ago and have written extensively about the 1994 Rwandan genocide of the Tutsi and about the Hutu genocidaires who escaped into Congo after the Tutsi army under General Kagame -- now president -- came down from Uganda and stopped the genocide. See GOMA CAMP MAFIA HUTU HOTEL & SLEEPING ON LAVA IN RAIN

In these intervening 19 years the Rwandan Hutu genocidaires (FDLR) have destroyed Congo's food basket around Lake Kivu and brutally slaughtered millions of Congolese villagers with help from Congo's army (FARDC) and thousands of United Nations so-called "peacekeepers" who go by the name MONUC.

The only person coming to the rescue of the Congolese was the Tutsi general Laurent Nkunda who rebelled against Kabila's corrupt army and formed an army of his own (CNDP). For a few years Nkunda was successful and his rebel army won against the Congo and Hutu armies and brought peace to Eastern Congo. The people were out of UN refugee camps and back in their villages growing crops and raising cattle and the gorillas in the volcanic mountains were thriving. See NKUNDA CONGO'S ONLY PROTECTOR & NKUNDA GEURRILLA GORILLA TOURS & NKUNDA & ORWELL PET GOATS

NkundaPeaceArmy GeneralNkundaChair NkundaPetGoat NkundaPetGoat

But peace and prosperity wasn't what the Congo government and its Communist Chinese backers wanted. And peace wasn't what the United Nations and its USA/UK/EU funders wanted either. War and horror are the means and the end for the Communists and the Capitalists who work together behind the scenes -- pretending to be enemies when in fact they're friends -- just as Orwell said in 1984. See UN PEACEKEEPERS NOT KEEPINGPEACE & NKUNDA SAY UN CRIMINALS IN CONGO & KABILA KILLS, RAPES & BLAMES NKUNDA & NKUNDA SAY CONGO OWNS RESOURCES & CONGO 500-POUND GORILLA CHINA

To stop the peace in Congo Nkunda had to be eliminated and in January 2009 he was lured to Rwanda under false pretenses. When Nkunda got there Kagame had him arrested and he hasn't been seen or heard of since. See NKUNDA'S LAST CONGO INTERVIEW & FREE NKUNDA TO FIGHT FOR CONGO & COMPATRIOTS DEMAND NKUNDA RELEASE & NKUNDA CONGO'S TRUE BELIEVER & HOW OR WHERE IS NKUNDA?


Meanwhile back in Congo -- with Nkunda gone -- his CNDP army was infiltrated and integrated into Kabila's FARDC army on March 23, 2009 and changed their name to M23 in honour of that date. Then they staged a rebellion citing corruption in Kabila's army and failure to protect civilians against Hutu genocidaires and the cycle began all over again. The Hutu FDLR attacked Congo civilians and the only force stopping them was the Tutsi M23 who were then attacked by Kabila's FARDC supported by MONUC.

Now in today's November 4, 2013 news the BBC is reporting that Kabila's army -- with support from UN -- is firing missiles into the Kivu town of Bunagana. Thousands of villagers are running for their lives into Uganda which, along with Rwanda, provides massive UN refugee camps for displaced Congolese. Kagame was raised in just such a camp after escaping Hutu genocidaires in the Rwandan genocide of Tutsi in 1961.

KabilaBombBunagana MapBunagana

Gorilla Map Gorilla Map

Bunagana is Nkunda's home town -- he was born and raised there and his father was chief. Nkunda himself was chief before he left to fight genocidal Hutus in Rwanda and Congo. See NKUNDA'S CONGO CREDENTIALS

Amazingly, in Rwanda's national newspaper today -- the New Times online -- there's no mention of Kabila's army and UN peacekeepers firing missiles at Congolese civilians and thousands of refugees running into Uganda.


Orwellianly there's a story about Rwanda joining a global association of peacekeepers and an editorial about how well student survivors of genocide are doing.

Godcidently, just this past weekend I re-watched the movie SOMETIMES IN APRIL about the Rwandan genocide because I'd been telling a friend of a friend all about it -- and I was also explaining what had happened to Nkunda. I have a DVD of the movie but just now discovered it's available on YouTube.

I can't help but think Kabila's attack on Nkunda's home town today is symbolic revenge on Nkunda. Afterall, the M23 -- supposedly Kabila's target -- had declared a ceasefire and weren't in Bunagana.

NkundaNatGeo Kagame/Kabila

Kabila has always wanted Nkunda extradited from Rwanda but so far Kagame has refused to hand him over. See KAGAME ABET KABILA GET NKUNDA & WILL KAGAME SACRIFICE NKUNDA?

I wonder what Nkunda would say about what happened in Bunagana today. Is Nkunda even alive and if so, where is he? Is he still under house arrest in Rwanda or has he been sent incognito into exile somewhere under threat to never return to Congo? Will we ever know what happened to Nkunda or will he remain forever AN ORWELLIAN REFS UNPERSON -- he doesn't exist -- he never existed.

All the best,
Jackie Jura, 2013

UnHelpHutuCongo Rwanda piles pressure on MONUSCO over FDLR, News Of Rwanda, Nov 8, 2013
The UN peace keeping mission in DR Congo is coming under sustained pressure from Rwanda which accuses the 22,000 strong force of looking away as Rwandan rebels roam Congo’s jungles – and planning to attack Rwanda. Rwanda’s envoy at the UN Eugene Richard Gasana has this week forcefully fired at the agency following the end of M23 rebel group which declared end to its rebellion. UN bureaucrats had put all their hope in the so called intervention brigade which fought alongside the Congolese army FARDC. Today Friday at a UN Security Council session on the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) initiative, Gasana said Rwanda should not be held hostage of political interests of the Council’s permanent members. He was referring to the United States, UK, China, Russia and France. “…we once again call upon permanent members to refrain from using the veto, especially in case of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity,” said Gasana. “It is unfortunate that perpetrators of the genocide in Rwanda, the FDLR, are still roaming freely in the east of the DR Congo.” Rwanda’s diplomat says the UN Security Council has never held MONUSCO accountable, allowing the massively funded mission to do as it pleases including cases when it has not done anything on Rwandan FDLR militia group for past 13 years. According to the reviewed mandate, MONUSCO should begin targeting the FDLR to urge it demobilize and repatriate back home, or be forced to surrender, after the end of the M23. But there is growing skepticism in the region that MONUSCO could do anything of the kind. The body said this week that it would begin deploying heavily along Rwanda’s border to prevent any FDLR entering into Rwanda with arms, a position that has been received with mixed feelings in Kigali. There are reports that thousands of FDLR have been fighting alongside FARDC, and have been given safe passage to Virunga Park as they prepare offensive on Rwanda. Meanwhile, in Kigali, and through Gasana, government has warned that it would respond with “lethal force” should its territory be attacked from DR Congo. The UN peacekeeping department has come under scrutiny as well due to the man heading it, Frenchman Hervé Ladsous. He was France’s UN envoy during the genocide against Tutsis in Rwanda. Observers say the adamancy with which he handled the Rwanda file, pushing away world attention which prevented intervention, is the same attitude he still maintains. Critics have charged that the sole reason the intervention brigade was put in place was so France – through their son at the UN would be able to monitor Rwanda’s activities.

watch Bombs kill civilians as Congo army goes after M23 rebels, AlJazeera, Nov 5, 2013
Fighting continues to rage in the Democratic Republic of Congo despite M23 rebels calling for a ceasefire and international efforts to end the bloodshed. Government troops on Monday drove the M23 from hilltop positions in the east of the country, where rebels were holed up after being forced from their last stronghold of Bunagana last week.... Al Jazeera's Malcolm Webb, reporting from Bunagana, said that he had seen at least three bodies and that body parts scattered the road in the town. Soldiers on the scene said more had been killed. "They were going about their daily tasks: preparing food, washing clothes," said Webb, who heard another bomb fall on a nearby town. "Now (the town) is deserted, except for soldiers." Envoys monitoring the conflict for the UN, EU and African Union urged both sides on Monday not to undo progress made in peace talks, saying M23 should renounce its rebellion as agreed and the army should hold off from further military action for now. The UN special force in the Democratic Republic of Congo said it fired mortar rounds at M23 rebels on Monday, in what appeared to be its first direct combat against the rebellion since a resumption of hostilities last month....

listen Congo's Bunagana town 'empty' as Kabila army presses M23 (thousands of villagers running for lives), BBC, Nov 4, 2013
Fresh fighting has erupted in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo as government forces try to clear the last areas held by M23 rebels. The BBC's Ignatius Bahizi in the border town of Bunagana says missiles are being fired and thousands of refugees have fled into Uganda. The M23 on Sunday called a ceasefire to allow peace talks with the government to continue. However, our reporter says there is no sign a ceasefire has taken effect....

Growing concern for victims of fighting in North Kivu Congo, International Red Cross, Nov 1, 2013
Fighting has once again broken out between government forces and armed group M23 in Rutshuru Territory, eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, with major humanitarian consequences felt as far as Uganda and Rwanda....

watch MOVIE SOMETIMES IN APRIL, full HBO movie, YouTube

RWANDA CONGO SOMETIMES (...Nkunda had helped Kagame stop the killing of Tutsis in Rwanda, but Kagame wouldn't help Nkunda stop the killing of Tutsis in Congo. Instead, for reasons known only to himself, Kagame arrested Nkunda a year and a half ago and has been holding him prisoner in Rwanda in an undisclosed location...)




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