Resisting smart meters is about to get harder.
A new wave of smart meter installers has been dispatched.
Installers have been instructed to ignore signs from homeowners
and also to remove bars, boxes, locks or other barricades
that might prevent access to the old analogue meter.
The new push has outraged smart meter opponents,
who call it "goon tactics".

To Orwell Today,


I was just reading your website about your experience with the smart meter and I noticed you were in Canada and dealing with Neptune. I'm having a similar issue with them now -- I don't really want a water meter in the house as it's located too close to a sleeping area. I was wondering where in Canada you were located as I've asked about the analogue option and no one knows what I'm asking about.

Any info would be helpful,

Greetings Fab,

Yes, I arranged with the city government and Neptune for a wired analogue water meter, instead of a wireless "smart" water meter, to be installed. The water meter is inside the house but is wired to a gadget outside the house that can be scanned by a human meter-reader for billing purposes.

If you go to Neptune's website you'll find contact info there depending on what country you live in, ie USA, Canada, Mexico. See Water Meters - Neptune Technology Group

Neptune has been installing water meters for 120 years -- since 1892 -- and they certainly know all about analogue meters so you must have been talking to the wrong person. Ask to be connected to a supervisor and technician and explain to them that you want an analogue meter -- a wired meter.

Your email is timely because although my water-meter problem has been solved, I'm experiencing electricity-meter problems again.

A week ago -- January 4, 2013 -- I received a letter from the electricity company -- BC Hydro -- saying they would be coming to install a smart meter in spite of the fact that a year ago I sent them a registered letter refusing to accept a smart meter and I have a lock and NO TRESPASSING sign on my existing analogue electricity meter.

SmartMeterLetter SmartMeterLetter

Apparently everyone in British Columbia who refused a smart electricity meter -- and that's 140,000 people -- received the same threatening letter from BC Hydro.

The next step, according to the website CITIZENS FOR SAFE TECHNOLOGY, is to send BC Hydro a registered letter -- they provide a sample -- again refusing a smart meter, and that's what I have done.

It remains to be seen what BC Hydro's next step will be but it's encouraging that so many Canadians are standing strong refusing smart-meter installations.

All the best with your water woes,
Jackie Jura

PS - Today on the Citizens for Safe Technology website there's a photo of a billboard people can buy or build and a campaign has started to install them all along the Trans Canada Highway from the Pacific to the Atlantic.



PPS - I envisage the Trans Canada billboard campaign gaining steam until finally it's as big as Terry Fox. He was "running for the cure for cancer" and, in its own way, a cross-country campaign against smart meters is like "a run for the cure" because the non-stop radiation smart meters emit is a proven carcinogen. See TERRY FOX MONUMENTAL PERSON

PPPS - UPDATE! January 30, 2013: The smart meter installer (from Corix) accompanied by the electricity provider (from BC Hydro) knocked on my door yesterday morning announcing "We're here to install a smart meter". To make a long story short, they left a few minutes later without installing the smart meter after I explained to them that I had officially refused consent by sending a registered letter to BC Hydro and by the no-trespassing and STOP signs on my meter. But the clincher seemed to be when I told them that the provincial government's Minister of Energy -- Richard Coleman -- had sent a letter to newspapers assuring people that BC Hydro "will not install a new meter without the homeowner's consent". The letter had been posted on the CITIZENS FOR SMART TECHNOLOGY website a few days ago.


I had a copy of the Minister of Energy's letter handy but didn't need to show it to the installers because they said they had heard about it and had no intention of installing the smart meter without my permission (a change of tune to what they'd been saying moments before). Then they left my driveway, walking a long way up the street to where their vehicles were parked and I observed them walk into the driveway of another house several doors away. Over his shoulder, as he left, the BC Hydro installer scoffingly shouted "You WILL be getting a smart meter eventually" to which I responded "Is that a threat?" to which he didn't reply.~ Jackie Jura

Smart Meter fight about not being a guinea pig
(same frequency Russians used to microwave Americans)
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XrayMachine1896 First X-Ray Machine Exhibited, 1896
As far as scientific discoveries go, it happened fast. In November, 1895, German physicist Wilhelm Rontgen was shooting electrical currents through vacuum tubes when he discovered that, under the right conditions, invisible rays penetrated a piece of cardboard placed over the tube and lit up a barium-coated screen with a fluorescent glow. He used the technology to create a ghostly image of his wife's hand, then pounded out a paper...

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(police/installers broke onto property/pushed aside)
Job opportunities in radio frequency leak detection
SmartMeterLeakDetect MeterReaderAd MeterReaderContract
Gov't meter reader jobs contracted out at lower pay
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Letter to arm against police & smart meter agents
(keep refusing/call 911 reporting home invasion)
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Smart meter installers using "goon tactics"
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(install highway billboards from Pacific to Atlantic)
Smart meter "human cost" lamented
(hundreds of meter-readers receive layoff notices)
Smart meter fire closes family restaurant
(fire originated in electrical panel)
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& Surveillance & Thought Police & Experimentation


Letter to arm against police & smart meter agents (keep refusing/call 911 reporting home invasion). CitizensForSafeTechnology, Jan 22, 2013

watch Smart meter installation is a home invasion (homeowners can physically stand in front of meter), CTV, Jan 21, 2013

BC Hydro storming ahead with new meters, VictoriaTimesColonist, Jan 18, 2013
The battle over smart meters is heating up, with BC Hydro dispatching a new wave of installers and warning holdout customers that they can no longer reject the devices....The only way to stop an install is to be at home when Hydro (or a representative from subcontractor Corix Utilities) arrives. Even then, Hydro will immediately dispatch a roving customer service person to start a face-to-face conversation, Verschoor said. “They will physically come to the door so that the customer can talk to a real person and have their questions answered,” she said. “We find that makes a big difference.” For now, Hydro is stopping short of physically forcing its way past protesting homeowners. Verschoor said no decisions have been made on how to deal with people who continue, in person, to refuse Hydro access to the meter.... "Basically, the reports coming in right now are Corix is showing up, they are threatening people, saying they don’t have choice, they have to take a meter, and when people turn them away, they have the BC Hydro people coming back shortly after", said Jim Smith, president of "They are coercing, they are bullying, they are literally just trampling over our democratic rights". Smith said he’s advising opponents to guard their meters, turn away Hydro or Corix personnel, and ask for all communication to be made in writing....

MeterReaderAd WANT TO WORK OUTDOORS?, Daily News, Jan 22, 2013
Established utilities services company is seeking part time and full time METER READERS...Experience reading meters is considered an asset...Must have reliable vehicle...Paid per meter that you read...Earning potential of approximately $20/hour...

Olamater Corp will read meters for Canada (FortisBC has chosen Olameter to provide province-wide meter reading services. The work will start on Jan 1, 2013 and involves the training and deploying of 160 new employees in the months leading up to this date. US shareholders chuckled when they heard Mike Lunau, VP Canadian Field Services, observe, “One particular interesting challenge will be the simultaneous restructuring of all routes serving 950,000 consumers across a province the size of Texas in the dead of a Canadian winter – still why does it have to be New Year’s Day?”)

Smart meters' "human cost" lamented, Vancouver Sun, Jan 15, 2013
One hundred forty thousand British Columbians have said no to smart meters. Partly due to the opposition, BC Hydro was recently forced to announce they are allowing their contractor Corix another year to complete the final installations. Hydro customers, whether they've had the meters installed or not, are left to wonder how much this delay will add to the cost of the project, already estimated at more than $1 billion. We already know the program has a human cost. Starting in mid-December your local meter readers started receiving layoff notice, despite a past promise from the Minister of Energy on CKNW that they would attempt to re-train the almost 400 workers. Minister of Energy Rich Coleman and Premier Christy Clark still refuse to meet with COPE 378 as the union representing the meter readers. These are family and community-supporting jobs and it's shameful to see the government leave so many people behind during this change.

SmartMeterFire MeterFireRestaurant Smart Meter fire closes family restaurant, Morning Star, Jan 14, 2013
A downtown Vernon, BC restaurant is turning customers away after a fire broke out Sunday. Rosalinda's Filipino Kitchen is currently closed after an electrical fire broke out inside the restaurant. "The restaurant was open at the time," said Vernon Fire Rescue deputy chief Lawrie Skolrood. The fire, which broke out shortly before 1 p.m., originated from an electrical panel, where a BC Hydro smart meter was located. "It was pretty much contained to where the meters are," said Skolrood, adding that the owner had the blaze extinguished before firefighters were on scene. The owner, who runs the restaurant with his wife and employs three of his daughters, along with five other staff members, expects the restaurant could be closed for two to five weeks.

People still refuse smart meters, Daily News, Jan 2, 2013
Thousands of residents throughout the province continue to refuse to allow smart-meter devices to be installed on their homes, which has caused BC Hydro to extend the deadline of the program by a year. B.C. Hydro has installed 93 per cent of the meters in the province, or 1.73 million devices, with 140,000 meters yet to be installed....The program's extension to Dec 31, 2013 was announced by BC Hydro on Dec 27, 2013. BC. Hydro spokesman Ted Olynyk said that it is primarily as a result of people refusing the meters, though the ability to access some meters was also an issue, as well as labour and equipment shortages. "It gives us more time to deal with those customers who have requested a delay on the installation," said Olynyk. "There's a lot of customers out there who just wanted more information before they had it installed." Olynyk added that the extra time will allow them to address the "concerns and misinformation" that a large number of their customers have about smart meters, though he acknowledged the system can function without the installation of those meters...

watch Navy warfare expert blows whistle on Smart Meters
(warns Electro Magnetic Radiation extremely dangerous/scary)
Every Smart Meter has a Zig Bee inside
(wireless Zig Bee invades/controls all "smart" appliances)
Russians used wireless warfare on Americans in 1976
(Moscow microwaved USA Embassy killing dozens)
Citizens against Smart Meters News
20 Reasons "Smart" Meters are NOT Smart
YouTube/News, Sep 30, 2012
& 40.Electric Shock Brainwashing

SmartMeterStop STOP! DO NOT INSTALL SMART METER ON MY PROPERTY/RESIDENCE. Smart Meters come with a cost of $1-billion and nearly 400 jobs. This sign gives notice of my refusal to give permission for Smart Meter installation on my property/residence. BC Hydro/Corix do not have permission to be on my property for the purpose of installing a Smart Meter. I still authorize BC Hydro meter readers access to my property for the purpose of reading the non-wireless meter manually. This sign is provided by COPE [of United Steel Workers Union] which represents meter readers...

Smart appliances take orders from your smartphone
(wi-fi fridge/stove/washer/dryer/vacuum cleaner)
Smart meters cause fires; Cities/states stopping installing
(radiation making people sick/privacy concerns)
Horrific $9,000 residential water smart meter bill
(gov't blames homeowners, not smart meter company)
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Enviro/Examiner/CNN, Sep 3, 2012
WaterMeterBrochure WaterMeterBrochure
& 9.Keeping Masses Down

watch Smart Meters: Surveillance Devices, Decrypted Matrix, YouTube
Smart meters are surveillance devices that monitor the behavior in your home every single minute of every single day. The sad truth is that these things are being forced upon us. It is happening in Europe too. The European Parliament has set a goal of having smart meters in the homes of 80 percent of all electricity consumers by the year 2020...There have been mountains of complaints about these things and yet their use keeps spreading. But of course the biggest issue with smart meters is how they will strip us of our privacy. The concern is that the incredibly detailed data that these surveillance devices collect will be given or sold to a vast array of third parties. For example, smart meters are already being used by police to bust marijuana growers. It is also feared that insurance companies, credit agencies, lawyers, marketing firms and even criminals will be able to get their hands on this data as well....

Jerry Day, an electronics expert from Burbank, California has produced a terrific YouTube video in which he explains many of these points more fully. If you live in an area where these insidious smart meters are going in, then please share this video with as many people living near you as you can…. The time to object to these smart meters is before they go in. Once they are in all of our homes it is going to be too late. This is all part of the radical green agenda that is being forced down the throats of people all over the world. Everything that we do has to be watched, monitored and tightly controlled for the “good of the environment”. To the control freaks running things, that also means that the liberties and freedoms that we cherish so much must be greatly restricted. If you don’t know about “Agenda 21“, you should learn about it. The UN has a plan for the future of this planet, and once you find out about this plan you probably are not going to like it very much. The entire globe is rapidly becoming one big prison grid as the elite implement their vision of the future. If you want to get a really good idea of what they are planning, just watch this video. If the control freaks get their way, there will eventually be no more privacy for any of us. Unless we speak out now, the surveillance devices are just going to become more and more sophisticated. At some point, none of us is even going to be able to sneeze without someone knowing about it....

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3.Surveillance & 20.Thought Police & Snitches & 14.Big Brother Scientific Experimentation & 2.Big Brother Is Watching You

Jackie Jura
~ an independent researcher monitoring local, national and international events ~