Further to issues raised in Smart Meter articles on ORWELL TODAY the following info from the CITIZENS FOR SAFE TECHNOLOGY website arms Smart Meter opponents with legal knowledge to defend their homes from invasion by Smart Meter government agents and installers intent on trespass and damage to private property.

As the old saying goes, "An Englishman's home is his castle".

When the Smart Meter invaders arrive let's stand our ground and practise INFORMED REFUSAL. ~ Jackie Jura


This is Not a Police State; This is Canada

Each individual can be armed with a letter to give to the police agent [law officer, police officer, RCMP officer], as well as to be shown or read to confrontational or insistent Smart Meter installers as well as Smart Meter agents and any newspaper/media if confronted.

Police typically may ask to come in and look around -- and put a foot forward -- as a way of getting onto a property wihout a search warrent.

But using the letter -- and asking by what authority they are entering -- should stop the process.

The property owner or occupant can also call 911 to report that their home is being invaded against their wishes.

BC Hydro is trying to bully its way through.

Note, you must have no aggressive language or actions that could be construed as a threat. If you hold up your fist or shake your fist, that action can be deemed as an assault. Keep language careful, respectful and keep refusing. Do not use physical language, such as "I will throw you off".

Consistently state, "I am denying you access. Please leave my property".

If you block access and refuse to move your body, neither the police nor Smart Meter installers nor Smart Meter agents are allowed to touch you or move you in any way -- or it is an assault on your person.

The police are not allowed to go to a private person's home without a search warrant unless it is an emergency, notion of imminent harm, or unless they are investigating a crime pursuant to reasonable suspicion of criminal crime (no such thing as a civil crime).

The police cannot exercise powers of arrest even in a public place in a civil matter -- they are not allowed to interfere with a civil dispute. They can instruct one of the parties to go to court and get an injunction, in a situation such as a public blockade. Some group has to go to court and get an injunction order.

This information is provided upon receipt of legal advice.


Notice to Police Agents

From _____________________________________
Address _____________________________________
Date _____________________________________

BC Hydro [government-owned electricity corporation] and Corix [smart meter agent] take the position that they can enter my property and do an installation on the basis of some lawful authority.

I take the position that there is no lawful authority which entitles them to do that.

There is a dispute between Corix, acting as agent for BC Hydro, and me, the property owner or occupant, as to whether Corix is within the scope of its authority to come and enter my property and install a wireless radiofrequency monitoring and metering device.

Pending the resolution of that civil dispute, I as legal occupant of this private property, by virtue of my ownership/tenancy to the property, hereby deny and prohibit agents for BC Hydro or Corix, from entering my property for the purpose of installing a wireless radiofrequency monitoring and metering device, also known as a "Smart" meter.

At the present time, I have chosen to retain the analogue meter.

Furthermore, in the event that access to my property is being sought by any police agent, I deny such access on the basis that:

a) no search warrant has been issued

b) there is no emergency at hand in which the welfare or safety of any individual is at stake and

c) the police do not take the position that they are entering for the purpose of investigating a crime in progress, or on the basis of suspected criminality in progress.

I request that my civil liberties, rights and freedoms are respected.

Signature ________________________


excerpt from Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms

REMINDER: The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom guarantees me:

1) the right to liberty to make important personal choices.

2) the right to life, liberty and security.

3) the right to security from unreasonable search and seizure.

4) the right to respect for my private life, to non-disclosure of confidential information.

5) well-being.

6) The Trespass Act of British Columbia -- BC 462.

7) The Human Rights Code protects persons from being harassed or discriminated against, and from retaliation should they complain.


UPDATE! January 30, 2013: The smart meter installer (from Corix) accompanied by the electricity provider (from BC Hydro) knocked on my door yesterday morning announcing "We're here to install a smart meter". To make a long story short, they left a few minutes later without installing the smart meter after I explained to them that I had officially refused consent by sending a registered letter to BC Hydro and by the no-trespassing and STOP signs on my meter. But the clincher seemed to be when I told them that the provincial government's Minister of Energy -- Richard Coleman -- had sent a letter to newspapers assuring people that BC Hydro "will not install a new meter without the homeowner's consent". The letter had been posted on the CITIZENS FOR SMART TECHNOLOGY website a few days ago.


I had a copy of the Minister of Energy's letter handy but didn't need to show it to the installers because they said they had heard about it and had no intention of installing the smart meter without my permission (a change of tune to what they'd been saying moments before). Then they left my driveway, walking a long way up the street to where their vehicles were parked and I observed them walk into the driveway of another house several doors away. Over his shoulder, as he left, the BC Hydro installer scoffingly shouted "You WILL be getting a smart meter eventually" to which I responded "Is that a threat?" to which he didn't reply.~ Jackie Jura

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